Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hometown Meme

Wylie tagged me for this meme, which I'm happy to put together as I'd love to invite everyone to come Down Home, as eastern Canadians say it.

The Rules: Answer the questions, tag 5 people and then go off on your travels to their hometowns. ONLY ONE answer for each of the questions. No ties!

Halifax, Nova Scotia is my hometown. I grew up here after my family moved us from Michigan when I was six. The Michigan branch of my family started when both sets of grandparents moved there for work in the 1950's. I'm actually a dual citizen.

My parents wanted us to grow up in the peace of the Maritimes after race riots broke out in Detroit in 1968 and they could see the glow of the fires burning from our street. We've stayed very close to our Michigan family, who of course enjoy life there and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

But I'm glad my parents brought us back here, because my growing up years were heavenly. Here's a few highlights of my hometown:

- Best Place to Eat -

The Sou'Wester, Peggy's Cove

Sure, there are wonderful, marvellous and cutting-edge restaurants in the city. But a 45-minute drive to Peggy's Cove can get you a view like this:

as you eat fresh (and I mean fresh) fish and chips like this:

Or watch the white spray

as you eat some warm gingerbread topped with real whipped cream.

- Best Shopping Mall -

Mic Mac Mall

Mic Mac, until recently, was the name of the eastern First Nation in the Maritimes. Now the name has been modified to Mi'kmaq (pronounced 'migmaw'), which more accurately represents what the First Nation actually calls itself! No one changed the name of the mall, though, where I spent many a giggly teenaged afternoon flirting with cute guys with my cousin and sister.

Mic Mac Mall has Chapters which needs no explanation. It also has Winners/Homesense.

- Famous Landmark -

Citadel Hill

This is a fortress situated on the hill that is Halifax. The streets downtown slope upwards on a 30-40 degree angle.

Halifax is a city that likes to do things traditionally. Every day except for Christmas Day the soldiers of the 3rd Brigade Royal Artillery fire off the noon gun. I can hear it out here in Cole Harbour. The noon gun is like the whistle-bird on 'The Flintstones'. When the gun goes off, it's lunchtime.

Originally established in the mid-1700's as one of four principal overseas naval stations for the British Empire, the current fortress is run by Parks Canada. The 78th Highland Regiment is one of three living history detachments featured at the citadel.

These reinactors know mid-Victorian military drill and could dole out some grief if required.

The Town Clock sits at the bottom of Citadel Hill and was regularly repaired by my grandmother's brothers Danny and Benny.

Many major events happen on The Hill, such as the Canada Day concert series and fireworks displays. At Christmas there's a Victorian reinactment series.

- Best Tourism Attraction -

Lawrencetown Beach

This is a 20-minute drive from our place. I've gone out here since I was a kid. It's one of the places that lives in my heart.

All the previous pictures I've taken from the net, but this series of Lawrencetown Beach I took myself.

- Best Place for the Kids -

Museum of Natural History

Home of Gus, the 85-year-old tortoise.

- Popular Outdoor Activity -


Shubenacadie Canal

People in Halifax LOVE to walk in the woods. The many, many wooded trails are in constant use. The woods are definitely my favorite place of all to walk. Luckily I've got a wooded trail system surrounding my neighborhood. It's like a strip of parkland all threaded in and around the subdivisions here in Cole Harbour. Lucky? You betcha.

Point Pleasant Park

- Breathtaking Views -

York Redoubt

This is another fort at the mouth of the harbor. Can you tell that Halifax is a military city? I shot some of my fourth-year film here.

You can see across to McNab's Island from there.

- Only Found in Halifax -

The set for Trailer Park Boys

The guy who plays Julian (with the drink in his hand at left) is a regular customer at the Blockbuster where my husband Brad works.

I took this picture from the road, a five-minute drive from our place. This is as close to Sunnyvale Trailer Park as you can get if you're not on the crew. A Mountie car parked in the driveway gave the message loud and clear!

I hope you enjoyed your tour of my hometown. I now tag:

Babe King - Tasmania, Australia
Gautami Tripathy - Delhi, India
Jenn in Holland - currently in The Netherlands
Robin - Tel Aviv, Israel
Sans Pantaloons - Aulde Scotia


Robin said...

Halifax looks lovely, I'd really enjoy having both woods and a beach nearby.

Thanks for the tag. It may take me a while, but I'll get to it :).

Kelly Boyce said...

Hahaha...that was great! I love living in Nova Scotia and those pictures just remind me why. Now, I need to go find some warm gingerbread...I have a craving...

Wylie Kinson said...

You really did your city justice, Julia! I haven't been to Nova Scotia since I was a very small girl, so the memories are dusty and faded.
Your pics and commentary make me want to return. Soon.

Christine - how could you leave it?!?!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, Julia. Makes me proud to live here!

And how pathetic is it that I've never been to the Citadel or Lawrencetown Beach or The Museum of Natural History? I really need to start exploring the places that are practically in my backyard.

Akelamalu said...

That was an awesome tour of Halifax, thankyou. x

Kailana said...

I didn't get tagged, but I did this meme. :)

Jenn in Holland said...

Wow, Halifax looks and sounds just amazing. I recently met someone who is from there, I am going to link her to this post so she can see a little bit of home!
Thanks for the tag, it sounds like fun.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Yay Julia!, I shall do my best.

Karina said...

This was a wonderful tour of Halifax! What a great idea for a meme! (I may have to tag myself for this one if I run out of ideas for NaBloPoMo). haha...

Thanks for the tour!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I loved the virtual tour of Halifax! What a wonderful place, and thanks for sharing it with us. As you know, we have wonderful woods and mountains in East TN, but as Robin said, both woods and a beach = lucky duck! :-D

Unknown said...

Wow, these pictures are breathtaking. Thanks for the tour. I hope I get to visit sometime and see the beauty of Halifax first-hand!

Anonymous said...

Julia, Halifax looks really lovely. I'm adding it to my wishlist of places to visit.

Sparky Duck said...

The fish and chips looked yummiest

Addicted to crafting said...

I wanna go to halifax one day!!!

Babe King said...

Oooh you're wicked! You caught me just before I go on holidays. lol. You do know I live in the boonies, right? Best attraction.....???? Got a lot a horse sh...poop that attracts flies. Does that count? Okay, off to write it up. Mark well, I never forget a face. Bwhahahaha

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Someday, I'm going to have to visit. Funny, I grew up in NY state. We visited Niagara Falls, but never made it all the way into Canada. While I was in college, the folks moved across country to California. I finally did make it to Canada, the western part. I loved Victoria Island, Vancouver, Banff and Jasper. I thought Canada gorgeous. I really would like to see Eastern Canada because your pictures are beautiful.

poefusion said...

I loved this visit today. I got to see where you live and all kinds of good pictures. Having both beach/ woods is the best of both worlds, I believe. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place with us.

Have a nice day.

Dorothy said...

Your hometown is a beautiful place to live. I loved the tour, thank you.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Anonymous said:

Your pics of Halifax are absolutely beautiful! I had no idea it was that nice there. Maybe you should create a tourist brochure.

Cooper Green said...

Julia, I love Halifax. It may sound odd, but as a person who has spent over half a century within walking distance of the Pacific, I can tell you that I find it easier to relate to Nova Scotia and Cape Breton than to any of the four timezones of Canada's real estate in between the two oceans.

Something else that I find very appealing is the spark you have lit under Sans Pantaloons. He is now two parts through a three-part meme that has to do with his home in Scotland, all as a result of your tagging him, and it is nothing short of fabulous. I'm sure you have read it so far, but for your other readers it's here. Thanks for your posts, and thanks for his as well.