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Thursday Thirteen - 28 - 13 Reasons to Read Julianne MacLean

Who is this charming fellow settling back to read 'In My Wildest Fantasies'? My cousin's newest Avon Historical hits store shelves on October 30th, and the actor appears in her new book trailer. For my Thursday Thirteen today, here's a look at Julianne's work from her first release in August of 2000 to her 11th release in five short days!

1 - August 2000 (Harlequin Historical)

"The prairie was hard on a woman.

You had to be tough to survive here, and Briggs expected any wife of his to be as stalwart as he. The first woman he had trusted to do the job had failed. So what had made him think a stranger, especially a beautiful one, could ever help him salvage his dreams?

Sarah MacFarland's mail-order-bride marriage to Mr. Brigman was heaven-sent. She only hoped that the silent rancher was as honest as he appeared, for Sarah's unspoken past already held enough lies and scandal to last her a lifetime." (back cover)

Reader comments:

"It is a refreshing change not to be able to predict every plot turn in a book! Prairie Bride features characters who don't act/react in the formula ways." - K. Wellborn, Amazon reviewer from California, USA

"Both Briggs and Sarah were decent, honorable people. They were flawed, but in human ways, not in unforgivable ways that would make them unlikeable. That's a delicate balance to strike, so I applaud this author for a job well done. My only real complaint with this book was that it wasn't long enough!" - Gemma, Amazon reviewer from Alberta, Canada

2 - June 2001 (Julia's note: one of my favorite covers! - Harlequin Historical)

"Finally a Hero who doesn't make it through the story physically unscathed. First day on the job and U.S. Marshal Fletcher Collins gets shot. By the most unexpected character.
Mrs. Jospehine O'Malley is out for vigilante justice - her son Leo wants to solve the mystery of why his father was killed. She probably can't trust the Marshal. He may be a bought man. What the Marshal feels for Jo does not make a difference. He has the law to uphold. Definitely a keeper." - M. Hartmann, Amazon reviewer, Michigan, USA

"This great cover hooked me, but it was the characters who drew me in. Author Julianne MacLean layers complication until it seems impossible that love can be allowed to bloom between these two. The prose is action-packed, the pace fast, and the plot twists are guaranteed to make you wring your hands." - Norah Wilson, Amazon reviewer, New Brunswick, Canada

"Another wonderfully fast paced story with great tension and more layers than the heroine's petticoat. The twists are delightful. Her characters are so realistic and natural, this story is without a doubt one of my keepers!" - Barbara Phinney, Amazon reviewer, Canada

3 - April 2003 (RITA FINALIST, Romance Writers of America - Harlequin Historical)

"After years struggling to build a prosperous life in colonial Nova Scotia, Adam Coates is finally able to send back to England for his first love. Instead, he gets her younger sister, Madeline, who has quietly yearned for him. I enjoyed watching the relationship between Adam and Madeline unfold as they reassess their rose-colored impressions of first love and struggle to establish a stronger, deeper bond." - "hrwdebhale", Amazon reviewer, Canada

"Julianne MacLean extracts plot points from several romance classics and deftly uses them to her advantage. The tone and atmosphere nicely echo that of writer Jane Austen. This unusual and satisfying romance affirms how very important it is to show love openly and never settle for anything less." - 4 star Romantic Times review by Gerry Benninger

"Agreeing to stay together until her sister Diana arrives, Madeline and Adam try living and working together as friends, only to gradually realize they want something more. MacLean's quietly compelling writing turns this simple, classic love story into a richly emotional romance, and by combining engaging characters with a unique, vividly detailed setting, she has created an exceptional tale for readers who hunger for something a bit different in their historical romances." - John Charles, 'Booklist'

4 - May 2003 (RITA FINALIST - Avon Historical)

"Though several eligible men seem to vie for her hand, American heiress Sophia is attracted to the one they call 'The Dangerous Duke'—James Langdon, Duke of Wentworth. James is in for quite a surprise when Sophia becomes his bride and sets out to turn his estates, life and heart upside down with her uncompromising desire to give of herself. With charm and wit and a true understanding of the era, Julianne MacLean delivers realistic characters locked in a passionate and poignant love story." - 4 star Romantic Times review by Kathe Robin

"After having spent his life learning to control his passions, the duke must now give into desire if he is to successfully seduce the heiress he needs. An unconventional, genuinely kind American who isn't afraid of breaking the rules of society teaches a cynical Englishman the true meaning of love in this sexy historical. MacLean gives readers a fascinating glimpse of a time when American women were accused of "buying" husbands in England as she fluently blends history into a emotionally compelling love story." - John Charles, 'Booklist'

"Sophia was determined to marry for love, no matter what title her dear mama would try to force upon her. As fate would have it, across the crowded room, a hush fell, a body moved, and Sophia gazed upon a work of art - the most devastatingly handsome man, His Grace, the Duke of Wentworth. The whispers began again, with Sophia hearing `dangerous duke', nightmare, heartbreaker, stay away etc.
This was my introduction to one of the finest books I have had the pleasure to read this year. Sophia had her work cut out to act the part of his `Duchess' but in her own estimable way, and perseverance she brought him, and his family, back from darkness into a world of light and love! Do keep your tissues handy when you get toward the very moving and sensual ending!" - M. Rondeau, Amazon reviewer, West Springfield, MA, USA

5 - June 2003 (WINNER, Bookseller's Best Awards, Greater Detroit Romance Writers - Silhouette Desire)

"Dr Donovan Knight, wealthy, handsome, sexy heart surgeon has been getting death threats. Now someone has broken into his penthouse and attacked him. His worried partner hires a bodyguard to protect Donovan until this stalker is caught.

Jocelyn MacKenzie, former Secret Service agent, isn't so sure she should accept this assignment. She's got issues with men who live for status, wealth and material things, but she moves in to provide 24-hour protection.

Donovan can't resist the challenge of dragging out the woman hiding behind that professional facade, but she's just as determined to keep him at arm's length and discourages any personal interaction. But there's still a stalker out there. She can't afford to lose her focus. Someone could get hurt, maybe killed. What about the threat to her heart - especially when she figures out that her first impressions of him were so wrong?" - baltimore0502, Amazon reviewer

"The handsome heart surgeon can't remember the last time a woman appeared so unaffected by him, and that holds more appeal than he wants to admit. Julianne MacLean fills 'Sleeping With the Playboy' with everything that makes a good story into a lasting keeper." - 4.5 star TOP PICK Romantic Times review by Angela Keck

6 - January 2004 (USA Today Bestseller - Avon Historical)

"Time has come for Clara, the sister of American heiress Sophia Wilson (To Marry the Duke), to come to London and capture a husband. She left America because of her adventurous behavior, but accidentally attends a notorious ball. The Marquess of Rawdon, Seger Wolfe, is enchanted with the mysterious young woman he encounters. Realizing she is an innocent, Seger decides to tempt and test the lady. He sends her outrageously sensual letters, and steals kisses that set Clara's world on fire.

With humor, a sassy heroine, a delightfully wicked hero and a perfectly rendered Victorian atmosphere, MacLean enchants readers. Her special spark and brand of sensuality mark her rise to the top." - 4 star Romantic Times review by Kathe Robin

"Clara thought there was something improper going on at the ball, but it took a sinful kiss from a stranger to convince her. A mix-up in invitations on the part of Clara's companion sent the two Americans to a notorious Cakras ball instead of the polite society event they meant to attend. Clara realizes he is exactly the kind of sexy rogue she came to London to avoid. Even worse, Clara isn't sure if Seger is asking her to indulge in a wicked affair or a proper courtship. MacLean continues her captivating historical series featuring American heiresses who marry into British nobility with this deliciously sexy tale of two people who marry for desire only to discover how important trust is to true romance." - John Charles, 'Booklist'

"Burned by love years ago, Seger Wolfe, the Marquess of Rawdon, has long forsaken the ballrooms of polite society. That changes, however, when Seger rescues an innocent from certain social ruin - but not before stealing a kiss. Soon the rakish marquess and the daring debutante are indulging in naughty correspondence and a heated flirtation. Will this audacious miss find true love before scandal catches up with her? Returning to the ballrooms and salons of the Gilded Age, Julianne MacLean pens a worthy follow up to last year's 'To Marry The Duke'. Seger and Clara are well matched and their heated encounters, and delicious repartee bring this tale to life." - TheSchemer, Amazon reviewer, NYC

7 - November 2004 (FINALIST, Booksellers Best Awards, Greater Detroit Romance Writers - Avon Historical)

"MacLean will delight her fans with this charmer. From first page to last, you'll be drawn into the well-crafted setting and the Edith Wharton/ Henry James–style love story." - 4 star Romantic Times review by Kathe Robin

"Adele, the last of three American sisters to wed, always comes across as perfect. She always does what she's told and is very agreeable. Wow! Did she ever surprise me! It's not that she doesn't want, or yearn to be adventuresome, it's that she has an ingrained, very strong streak of sensibility. When she's returned to her fiancé, she quickly knows he isn't the man for her. So she's torn between what she had agreed to do (marry Harold), and reaching out and grabbing what she does want. I did so enjoy watching Adele grow as she learned that sometimes the things you want the most you have to fight for, and that IS the sensible decision!" - Darkcat, Amazon reviewer, Alaska, USA

"I have read the 'Grand Ladies' over and over again, Mary Balogh, Jo Beverly, Mary Jo Putney. I'm thrilled to say there's another historical romance author who is fast rising on the heels of these wonderfully talented ladies: Julianne MacLean. Mary Balogh can alway gets my heart tied up in knots, often with one line. The talented Ms. MacLean can do it, too. In this third instalment of her 'American Heiress' Series, Damien and Adele are forced to question their loyalties as they experience a passionate desire which overrides everything. For MacLean's characters, love always comes with a huge pricetag - maybe that's why I love her books so much." - Rom Fan, Amazon reviewer, Michigan, USA

8 - July 2005 (Julia's note: another of my favorite covers! - WINNER, 2005 RT Reviewers Choice Award, Best Regency Set Historical - Avon Historical)

"There's been only one man in the world for Lady Lily Langdon — Edward Wallis, Earl of Whitby. But Edward sees her as a sister, until Lily takes lessons in love from Sophia, her audacious sister-in-law. A love-'em-and-leave-'em rogue, Edward is falling under Lily's spell when the strange illness that plagues him strikes. Fearing he will die, Lily concocts a daring scheme to seduce Edward and become pregnant, thereby saving his estate and having a child so as to keep a piece of him forever. It will take another terrible twist of fate for her to see her dream of true love come true. It takes a talented author to segue from a lighthearted tale of seduction to an emotionally powerful romance that plays a darker tune on your heartstrings. MacLean is more than up to the task with this very special, powerful read." - 4.5 star Romantic Times review by Kathe Robin

"The sheer emotion that this book wrenched from me was what prevented me from being able to put the book down till I'd finished it all in one day. I felt instantly drawn into Lily and Edward's story, as if observing them for real. I ached for them both, although I wished I could have smacked them at times for being hard headed, especially Edward. And as for Edward, I have probably never read a romance book where I've felt that the hero's emotions, thoughts, etc., were portrayed with all the depth and emotion that the heroine's almost always are. Sure, we usually get strong impressions of how hunk-a-licious the hero always is, but Edward was all that and more. He had real feelings, he had real fears and he had real wants." - K. Montgomery, Amazon reviewer, Columbus, GA, USA

"I was hooked from the beginning. Page after page I just got sucked in deeper until I closed the book with a happy sigh. It was written with an amazing level of intensity and feeling that my heart was pumping furiously with the palatable passion in the story. MacLean developed Lily and Whitby's personalities and motivations to the point where you feel as though you know them well enough to be friends by the time you finish the book. Both the hero and the heroine have secrets of their own, which are slowly brought to light by the author, like layers being peeled from a (very good) onion...." - D. Lane, Amazon reviewer, Austin, TX, USA

9 - February 2006 (Julia's note: my favorite cover so far - NOMINEE, Reviewers International Organization Award of Excellence - Avon Historical)

"When artist Annabelle Lawson meets Magnus Wallis on a train, she sees him as the perfect subject for a painting and, during the weeks that follow that fateful meeting, he becomes her model and her lover. Then she discovers the truth: Magnus is the cousin of her loathsome benefactor. Devastated by his betrayal, she never dreams of love again. But then Magnus returns from America to open an art gallery. He requests permission to show Annabelle's portrait of him, risking everything to win Annabelle's trust and love. MacLean reaches far inside her characters to pull out all the stops in this deeply touching, unforgettable love story. Known for her ability to balance humor, passion and emotional intensity, MacLean crafts stories that are romantic and thought-provoking. She is an author whose time has come." - 4.5 star Romantic Times review by Kathe Robin

"The cover of Julianne MacLean's Portrait of a Lover looks delicious and this engaging historical does not disappoint. Young, ravishing, unattainable Annabelle and the misunderstood, abhorred and darkly handsome Magnus - through a chance meeting, they discover mutual attraction and timeless love. Forced separation prove to be critical catalysts to the growth of more balanced, dimensional characters. Even so, Magnus is haunted by what could have been. Annabelle is determined not to be deceived or to love again. When Magnus reenters her life, Annabelle still fears love and lacks appreciation of her considerable artistic talent. You will not be disappointed by MacLean's artistic composition, by the way she nudges her characters along with her writer's brush, creating her masterpiece." - Patricia Thomas, Amazon reviewer

"Annabelle's act of painting is so vividly described I can smell the oils and turpentine. There are wonderful scenes of charged emotion between Annabelle and Magnus that never fail to go in a direction I couldn't expect. Ms. MacLean excels at turning a character who seems to be one thing at first meeting, into someone else once we see what's behind the public persona. In the case of Magnus, already shown to us in Love According to Lily, the ferocity and seething rage of that book's villain transforms into the truer image of Annabelle's tragic lover. Magnus' refusal to allow the constraints of interfering family to deny him the love that still burns for Annabelle is a delicious fuel that cleanses his rage into passion. As for Annabelle, her inability to be anyone but herself, to pursue her painting even when her heart seems broken, really endears her to me. Her reaction to Magnus' return to her life is very real and very touching. This is a romance for those who love a story that can really wrench your heart." - Gerryaddict, Amazon reviewer, Halifax, Canada

10 - December 2006 (Avon Historical)

"After winning the last two yachting races at Cowes, Lord Martin Langdon is looking forward to adding another trophy to his collection. Then he decides that an affair with the very proper, very wealthy and recently widowed Evelyn Wheaton is too tempting to resist. He uses all of his seductive skills to melt her icy reserve, and soon realizes that her love is the only prize worth winning. A nicely detailed Victorian setting and fascinating details about yacht racing give this bracing book its refreshingly different twist as MacLean brings her "American Heiress" series to a splendid conclusion." - John Charles, 'Booklist'

"Lord Martin Langdon loves that his reputation makes good women run in the opposite direction. That's what makes him so eager to prove he can corrupt the incorruptible Evelyn Wheaton. Martin remembers pulling her from a frozen lake and saving her life when she was a child. She has never forgotten him, and she finds it difficult to believe that her hero relishes his scandalous reputation. He woos her not with flowers, but with sailing lessons that bring them together in a partnership that blossoms into deep respect and love. MacLean showcases her knack for combining sensuality and emotion in a breathtaking story about a bad boy and a straightlaced lady. Your heart will sing as love conquers all, while MacLean's vibrant love story will strike the perfect chords and make you cherish this book." - 4.5 star Romantic Times review by Kathe Robin

"It's a plot full of romance, yacht racing, summer parties, and a particular sensual session of lovemaking on a beach. Both of the main characters have emotional issues from their past that MacLean handles well. She has them work things out together or go and grow up a bit, and time passes. I like that. There are plenty of little details about sailing, the lives of the rich, a few appearances by actual folks who lived in the time, and finally, several characters from her earlier novels in this series make a return, but don't hog the story. Finally, our heroine wears glasses. At last. What a nice touch. In short, this is one of those novels that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and sighed a bit when I put it down. It's a smart novel, and there are just too few of them out there." - Rebecca Huston, Amazon reviewer, On the Banks of the Hudson

11 - Before we get to the latest release, I bet you wouldn't suspect that Julianne was a club fixture in 1980's Halifax. Not ON the dance floor, but spinning the tunes that got everybody else out there. Yes, Julianne was a club DJ at Rosa's. This was taken around 1987 or 88.

"I'm the daughter of a jazz musician," Julianne says. "So I will always love jazz classics. I'm also nostaligic about the 80's, so I have a soft spot for REM and U2."

12 - And now - the moment you've been waiting for! Here's the book trailer for 'In Her Wildest Fantasies'.

13 - "I always strive to write books that have lots of heart and emotion," says Julianne. "And I've come to realize that I love to read historical romances that are rich in atmosphere and sweep you into the period. So I research my settings extensively.

"As far as characters are concerned, I like to write about strong, dark, tortured heroes who experience substantial growth throughout the story. Some of my favorite heroes from other romances include Rothgar, from 'Devilish', Brand Malloren from 'Secrets of the Night', and Fitzroger from 'Dark Champion'. These are books by Jo Beverley. Other favorites? Peregrine from Mary Jo Putney's 'Silk and Shadows', and Devon Crandall from 'The Windflower', by Tom and Sharon Curtis.

"I also strive to write heroines who are calm, reasonable and emotionally intelligent, even when times are tough."

Here's my favorite advice from my cousin:

"If you love writing romances, what does it matter if it takes a year or five or even ten? As long as you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s not a sacrifice. Those years are going to go by anyway, and if you give up - thinking it’s too hard or it will take too long - you’ll find yourself sitting around in five years wondering where you’d be right now if you had stayed with it."

I KNOW this is Julianne's true philosophy in life. When I was considering going to university at age 26 as a mature student, and I was making fun of the idea of getting my degree at 30, Julianne said I would turn 30 anyway, so why not turn 30 with a degree? I have often passed that advice on to others. And I thank her for giving it to me when I most needed it.

I'm very lucky to have my cousin in my life. We've grown up together, shared our first crushes and heartbreaks together, laughed till we rolled on the floor with tears rolling down our faces. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding, and filled my suitcase with rose petals so that when Brad and I got to the hotel I had a heart-swelling moment of wonder when I opened it. I did a reading at her wedding, where I always remember the loving way she had her hand on her husband's back as he signed the register.

Happy 11th Release Day, Julianne! October 30th - May it be so much more than your wildest fantasies could have imagined.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ahh, so THAT is where your writing talent comes from.

Congrats to your cousin on her newest release. Man, I can't wait to have that many under my belt -- and she's right: you're going to pass the time anyway. May as well have fun and write!

Happy TT, darling!

annette said...

Sorry I'm late wishing you a hearty 'Welcome Back!'. Sounds like you had a busy, but fun-filled, trip.

And what a great idea for TT. Julianne is one of my favourite authors. All her books are on my keeper shelf. Can't wait for her newest to come out!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Is it warm in here? It started off with the first picture and just kept getting warmer. Very well done. Have a great TT. :)

Anonymous said...

Your cousin sounds like a wonderful and talented lady! And her books look marvelous, intriguing -- they definitely captured my interest! Thanks for introducing me to her, both as a writer and as a person. :)

toni in the midst said...

I just love all the great things you had to say about your relationship. Thanks for sharing this.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Had to come back and visit the beefcake. I like a man who reads -- wait until you meet the guy in my world who reads romances... you'll love him!

Carrie Lofty said...

What an awesome backlist. Your cousin does great work!

Kelly Boyce said...

You couldn't have picked a more deserving subject for your Thursday 13! I cannot wait for this book! And I love what she did with the rose petals in your suitcase - how fitting given your love of roses! I can just imagine the look on your face when you opened the suitcase to find them.

Red Garnier said...

OOOOh, what a great great post Julia. And I hear someone had a blast without me lately? LOL! ;) I have read Julianne before and OMG I need to read more. I'll shop at Amazon. Great pimpage, Julia!!

Julianne MacLean said...

Julia - I just read your blog and I am in tears! You are the sweetest cousin in the world and I love you! So much of my wonderful childhood was wonderful because I had you in my life as both a cousin and friend. And it still holds true today.

Love you cuz!

Karina said...

Your cousin's advice about "time passing" is wonderful advice. We should all try to remember that as we struggle to complete whatever tasks.

And I just read her comment and your love for each other reminds me of my friendship with two of my cousins and it made me teary a good way. I love that!

Ann Aguirre said...

Aww, you guys are really lucky to have each other.

Congrats to your cousin!

Christine d'Abo said...

Congrats Julianne!! I love your books. And welcome back Julia. I missed you!!

Angela/SciFiChick said...

How sweet! :)

Akelamalu said...

Oooh 'bodice rippers' - I love 'em!

Amy Ruttan said...

Very cool that your Julianne's cousin. I will have to check out one of her books.

It was great to meet you face to face as well. :) You know next October is the perfect time to come back *cough cough* Eloisa James. :)

julia said...

Actually, Amy, that thought already burned itself into my little mind when that was announced at the meeting.

Sparky Duck said...

I can honestly say I may never read any of these. I think the 1800s just aint my thing

Flowerpot said...

All the best to Julianne - sounds a terrific writer. And the picture of that Hunk at the top of your post quite made my morning!!

Wylie Kinson said...

That's one talented cousin! I'm going to check out some of these titles.
And how lucky she's been in scoring such beautiful covers!!

Colleen Gleason said...

SOLD! Where's the nearest bookstore???

Love the "Portrait" cover.

Joy Renee said...

oh, boy. Now i've got another author to go on my list for when the library opens. I do hope the system has at least a few of these!!

what a blessing to your lives having such a wonderful friendship must be!!

Robin said...

She filled your suitcase with rose petals? What a beautiful, romantic thing to do.

julia said...

From Sniz:

I read everyone of the info you had put about your cousin's releases. You must love her very much and be really proud of her to spend so much time on that post. I love romance and it was fun to read the details of her books. I look forward to reading her stuff, especially the historicals!

Akelamalu said...

PS I've posted another Nursery Rhyme Quiz today if you fancy a go. :)

Camille Alexa said...

What an amazingly sweet and loving tribute to your cousin!

Darla said...

Oh, these sound good! Another author to add to my to-look-for list. :)

(sorry I'm late!)

Roxy Harte said...

Hi Julia,
It was nice to have you stop by the blog today! Hopefully you will become a regular reader and stop by often!

And don't tell anyone...but I'm a closet historical reader! Shhhh...don't want to give up that ultra bdsm image I have going...but I will be going to look for "In My Wildest Fantasies" asap!

Roxy Harte

M. said...

hi, my first time at your blog. do i understand correctly, you are julia and your cousin is julianne? wow.

Jill said...

Doing major pimpage for your cousin!!!
I need to have a grip on that 'American Heiress' serie!
You do some screenwritting too, Julia??

julia said...

M. - Yes, Julie's are big in my family. My grandma is Juliette, I'm Julia and my cousin is Julianne.

Jill - I've done screenwriting at film school which I LOVED. I did scripts for my own stuff, of course, but I was also asked to write scripts for several other students. That was in third and fourth year when we all started to specialize in different areas (cinematography, sound, etc.) I was very happy that my fellow students thought of me as 'the screenwriter'. Post-university, I wrote narration for a TV program on a Mi'kmaq medium, Alan Hatfield.

Lesley said...

Well those sounds great! I'm going to have to hunt down some of those westerns. They sound fabulous. Congrats on her upcoming release.