Monday, March 3, 2008

Poetry Train Monday - 39 - Expectation

This is another backstory poem, this time for Jocelyne, the young Dowager Countess of Moncrieffe. I posted an excerpt a few Poetry Mondays ago introducing her and the Scottish gamekeeper.


My father gazed down at his first born
Hopeful still for sons, enamoured of me
My mother and I welcomed sisters
Giggling together at pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake
But no son arrived - no heir, no legacy

My father ran his father's linen mills
Who then to school, to pass the reins?
My mother tutored us in grace and wit
While father hoped for sons-in-law
And the beaux arrived - an heir yet for legacy

My father never looked for landed sons
Yet they courted us the moment we debuted
My mother cried with joy the night I shared my news
Though "I do" made me a countess, she mere 'Mrs.'
But no child arrived - no heir, no legacy

My father vowed that grandchildren might show
The hunger for his mills, and well they might
My mother travelled to my sisters' childbeds
The years went by. No Mother's trip for me
No child arrived - no heir, no legacy

My husband, earl and lord, a solid man
Companion through my days, a kiss at night
And I wandering asleep - searching - someone
Until God called him home and wrenched from me
For no son could grieve - no heir, no legacy

Copyright - Julia Smith - 2008


Jill said...

I like that in the start, Jocelyne and her mother don't care that it is all girls that is born, almost making it game! But then, there is no children born for the next generation, is sad!
Is the keeper is gonna give her one?

Anonymous said...

wow i am glad this is not you, i was feeling the pain!

Karina said...

Julia, through your excerpts you've introduced me to a whole new genre of literature that I never thought I'd be interested in. But I'm intrigued by all these characters, and I know that WHEN you get published, I will definitely read your books! ;-)

lissa said...

I guess in those days, male heirs are more valuable then females

sad read but maybe there's still hope

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, Julia, this is beautiful!

Why can't she remarry? Is this my ignorance of the society in which you're writing? (Very well could be...)

And what other virtues/graces/talents does she have? Surely, she's more than a broodmare... or is this what the WIP is about?

Akelamalu said...

That was wonderful Julia!

Julia Smith said...

Susan - this is the state in which we find Jocelyne at the beginning of the book. The other main character is the Scottish gamekeeper. I'll let your mind wander with that one...

Amy Ruttan said...

Wonderful very poignant.

Sniz said...

Wow, this is cool. I really feel her pain. You write so well...keep it up, vampire!

Ann said...

This is where she is at the beginning? Very interesting (and you've got me very interested). :)

daydream said...

Oh now this is something special. At first I didn't know the time and well later on I get this 18th century vibe, which was so cool.

PS: I left an introducing comment in my blog, but I think I should have posted it here. Um yeah! So hi!