Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poetry Train Monday - 94 - Judgement and Acceptance

Today's found poem comes from my vampire WIP. You can read an excerpt HERE. I've used the villanelle form, but once again haven't tried to rhyme anything, as that would interfere with the found poem format.

Peredur is a Dark Age Welsh warrior who becomes a vampire. This poem is taken from two scenes where Peredur struggles with his new state of being. I've based Peredur on Scottish actor Gerard Butler.

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Judgement and Acceptance

The sun went down. Peredur opened eyes
Filled with dirt. Staggered to his feet - the grave
Is this what had become of him? Hunger

The blood lust took him hard. Had never known
What true need was, when he’d lived as a man
The sun went down. Peredur opened eyes

Smell of man came to him on a faint breeze
"Who’s there?" rang out before Peredur leaped
Is this what had become of him? Hunger

Yet how could he grieve when he could not cry?
Let loose an unnerving howl of anguish
The sun went down. Peredur opened eyes

Beat fists gainst ground. Saw two feet, hem of gown
Scrambled to knees, bent deeply, head to earth
Is this what had become of him? Hunger

A look held both judgement and acceptance
The sun went down. Peredur opened eyes
Is this what had become of him? Hunger

- Julia Smith, 2009


SandyCarlson said...

I feel the hunger and anguish in this poem.

Susan said...

Which do I like better - the photo (I want to say yum, but is that too twisted? lol) or the poetry which perfectly captures how he's feeling? the essence of initially vampire, I like it, Julia!

Amy Ruttan said...

I remember when you first gave us a snippet of this, and remember talking about your vampires at lunch in T.O., thanks for sharing them again. I love Peredur.

Fledgling Poet said...

You captured the power of his emotions (and helplessness) really well...and the photo was perfect! I loved this.

anthonynorth said...

I've written about vampires myself in the past. This was excellent.

M. said...

aww. Thanks, Julia. I think you stand out from the crowd also. But you already knew that! I especially liked the quotes you selected to go along with each part. I've long been very impressed with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's work.

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Phew, the blood lust is really getting to him here.

Shelley Munro said...

Another great poem, Julia. You can definitely feel his hunger.

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful. The Villanelle suits this very much..

mainline to the heart

Anonymous said...

great finds....i must share:o)