Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poetry Train Monday - 126 - A War Against War

Today's found poem is taken from all of the peace quotes I posted during the lead-up to the Blog Blast for Peace, which took place on Thursday, Nov. 5th.

I got the idea for this from Travis, who reposted all of the peace quotes he'd featured in his tireless promotion of the Blog Blast while the originator, Mimi Lenox, was keeping vigil with her father as he passed away.

There are so many Peace Globes launched into the blogosphere, I'm still visiting them all. Even though the Blog Blast officially occured on the 5th, I encourage you to visit them because it's not physically possible to get to everyone on one day.

A War Against War

If we are to teach real peace
Real peace
Here in this wondrous way we keep
We shall have to begin with the children

This is how change happens
No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place
When we need some relief
Where Mercy, Love and Pity dwell

We teach
Someone picks it up
Action is eloquence
A real war against war

If we are to carry on
If we do our part of the race
When I can’t find my feet
Pass it on. It keeps going

Begin with the children
It's a relay race
Snowflakes falling
Mercy dwelling

This world
These haunts of ancient peace
Goals are dreams with deadlines
We usually get what we anticipate

Let us go there again
When I need rest and sleep
There God is dwelling too

Our job really is to
Pass it on
We're very conscious
We usually get what we anticipate

It's a real war
A war against war
These haunts
This peace

And that is how it is

- William Blake / Claude M. Bristol / Mahatma Gandhi / Diana Scharf Hunt / Van Morrison / William Shakespeare / Alice Walker / Zen

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Lovely, my friend.

One day, someone will help me put together a peace globe. I'm too graphically challenged to do it myself.

Julia Smith said...

Susan - I could do one for you, if you'd like.

Toni said...

And indeed, it does begin with the children. TFS.

Nikki said...

Very nice Poem Julia. It reminded me on my fundamental concepts class in college. Ever heard Bush's Doctrine of Preventive War?

Michelle Johnson said...

i believe you're right about teaching our children. they are the change that's to come. strong words for peace were certainly found here in this found poem. hope all is well. have a great day.

Amy Ruttan said...

Very nice Julia!

Wednesday I'm going to post a poem by Rudyard Kipling, to remember all those who have fallen.

secret agent woman said...

A found poem from the peace posts! I love that.

Akelamalu said...

Lovely Julia. :)

Travis said...

Nicely done.

And thank you...both for the shout out and for helping to promote Blog Blast Day.

And if there is anyone who would like to do a Peace Globe, you can do it at anytime throughout the year and send it to Mimi.

IamNoOne said...

If I have to have a power, all I woud do is change the world and erase the haunting memory of wars and the greediness of people so we all could live peacefully.

ness here

gautami tripathy said...

What a wonderful found poem. I am amazed by the way you do it!

a winter tale

Sepiru Chris said...

I come to leave my Poetry Train Monday half a week after the new Train has pulled out. Sad.

However, I am glad that I came by.

I love the idea of the found poem.

Good on you.