Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm blogging at Popculturedivas - drop by for a look at a Russian New Year's film classic

Join me at Popculturedivas where I'm taking a look at a film beloved by Russians and watched every New Year's for the past 30 years.

Apprentice Writer says OK I'm intrigued and will go take a look.


M. said...

OK I'm intrigued and will go take a look, but if your cinematic interest can expand to communist era East Germany as well, I highly recommend 'Goodbye Lenin'. It's a wonderful low-budget movie with completely unknown actors, dealing with how strange it was for people in the communist state when the wall came down after so many years of isolation and propaganda. The hero's mother is a stauch socialist who raised her kids singlehandedly after her husband escaped to the West, promising to bring them all, and never did. She suffers a coma during which the wall comes down, and her son goes to extraordinary lengths to perpetuate the illusion all is as before due to fears she won't be able to handle the change in political environment.

Julia Smith said...

M - that sounds totally intriguing. I'm an indie film/foreign film lover rather than a Hollywood film goer, although I don't boycott Hollywood film by any means. I just saw Sherlock Holmes today, but that's really a Guy Ritchie film.