Friday, June 18, 2010

5 on Friday - Set 19

A big Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there - and for this week's set, I've put together five songs that always make me think of my dad, the moment I hear them.

1 - Roadhouse Blues - The Doors

Dad used to sing the opening lines to this song when he drove. Or thought about driving. He was a car lover. Car mechanic. Car salesman. He loved cars.

Keep your eyes on the road
And your hands upon the wheel

Yeah, we're goin to the roadhouse
We're gonna have a real good time

Let it roll, baby, roll

- Densmore / Kreiger / Manzarek / Morrison

2 - Mystery Train - Elvis Presley

Dad was a big Elvis fan. And he was also a big fan of the Chet Atkins sound, so the early Sun Records combine that feeling for me.

Train, train
Comin' down, down the line
Train, train
Comin' down, down the line
Well it's bringin' my baby
Cause she's mine, all, all mine

- Parker / Phillips

3 - Birthday - The Beatles

He always called me on the phone when I lived in Toronto and sang this to me on my birthday.

They say it's your birthday
Well, it's my birthday too, yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy Birthday to you

- Lennon / McCartney

4 - Our Love is Here to Stay - Billie Holiday

This was our father-daughter dance at my wedding. I'd prepared a recording of Cleo Laine's version, but my sister secretly switched it with an accapella one of herself singing, which she recorded with the help of my brother-in-law, Jeff.

CLICK HERE to listen to the song

It's very clear
Our love is here to stay
Not for a year
But ever and a day

The radio and the telephone
And the movies that we know
May just be passing fancies
And in time, may go

But oh, my dear
Our love is here to stay

Together we're going a long, long way
In time, the rockies may crumble
Gibraltar may tumble
They're only made of clay
Our love is here to stay

- George and Ira Gershwin

5 - Go Down Gamblin - Blood, Sweat & Tears

Once upon a time, back when the Superbowl had marching bands for the half-time show, my dad turned the sound down on the TV and put on his Blood, Sweat & Tears album. The visuals of the marching band matched the blaring horns of Blood, Sweat & Tears so perfectly we were all in tears of laughter.

Besides which - the it-ain't-over-till-it's-over philosophy of this song pretty much sums up my dad.

Down in a crap game
I've been losin' at roulette
Cards are bound to break me
But I ain't busted yet

Cause I've been called a natural lover
By that lady over there
Honey, I'm just a natural gambler
But I try to do my share

Go down gamblin'
Say it when you're runnin' low
Go down gamblin'
You may never have to go

- Lipsius / Clayton-Thomas

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Jamie says Oh those are all wonderful picks and very nice dedication to your dad.

Travis Cody says I had never heard Mystery Train. Thanks for bringing me some "new" Elvis.


Jamie said...

Oh those are all wonderful picks and very nice dedication to your dad. Father/daughter dances are truly memorable events.

Travis Cody said...

These are some great choices. I'll have to come back and listen during the weekend. Just wanted to let you know I was here today.

Travis Cody said...

I had never heard Mystery Train. Thanks for bringing me some "new" Elvis.