Thursday, November 25, 2010

5 on Friday - Set 42

Travis at Trav's Thoughts invites everyone to lay down a short set of music that takes their fancies for his 5 on Friday meme.

A Piece of My Mind heads into its second week of our journey through nine decades of recorded popular music.

1 - It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing - 1932 - Duke Ellington

It don't mean a thing
If it ain't got that swing

It don't mean a thing
All you got to do is swing

It makes no difference if it's
Sweet or hot
Just give that rhythm
Everything you've got

It don't mean a thing
If it ain't got that swing

- Ellington / Mills

2 - Lullaby of Broadway - 1935 - Wini Shaw

The rumble of a subway train
The rattle of a taxi
The daffodils who entertain
At Angelo's and Maxie's

When a Broadway baby says goodnight
It's early in the morning
Manhattan babies don't sleep tight
Until the dawn

Goodnight, baby
Goodnight - the milkman's on his way
Sleep tight baby
Sleep tight - let's call it a day

- Dubin / Warren

3 - Begin the Beguine - 1938 - Artie Shaw

4 - Oh, Johnny, Oh, Johnny, Oh! - 1939 - Andrews Sisters

Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny
How you can love
Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny
Heavens above

You make my sad heart jump with joy
And when you're near I just can't
Sit still another minute

Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny
Please tell me dear
What makes me love you so?

You're not handsome, it is true
But when I look at you
I just, Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Oh!

- Olman / Rose

5 - Moonlight Serenade - 1939 - Glenn Miller

CLICK HERE to listen to the music clip


Akelamalu said...

Oh I love Moonlight Serenade!

Mike Golch said...

So parents would have loved this set.They used to go dancing to the big bands.

Travis Cody said...

More excellent choices! And one can never go wrong with a little Glenn Miller.

Kate said...

I found you from Dona Nobis Pacem. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

Linda said...

What a great set! "Begin the Beguine" is one of my favorites and as for Glenn Miller, I can listen to him anytime, anywhere and be quite happy!