Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - 191 - 13 Ways to Admire Konstantin Khabensky

1 - In the new world of post-glasnost Russia, Konstantin Khabensky is among the first generation of actors able to work in both Russian and Hollywood cinema without having to sever all ties with his homeland as other artists before him had to do.

2 - Konstantin Khabensky - currently shooting Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, directed by Swedish director Tomas Alfredsson, and featuring last week's Eye Candy Tom Hardy, Colin Firth, Ciaran Hinds, Mark Strong and Gary Oldman as George Smiley.

5' 8"

Eyes - Brown

Hair - Brown

Type - Fit / Late-30's

He works as an actor

Works in television / Film / Stage

3 - Konstantin grew up in Leningrad, the son of Yuri, a hydrology engineer, and his mother Tatiana, also a hydrologist.

Initially studied at the Leningrad Technical School of Aviation Electronics and Automatics before leaving the program in his third year

Eased into acting by first working as a stage technician at a theatre

Attended the Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) State Theater Arts Academy to study under Veniamin Filshtinsky, one of the master actors of Russia

4 - His extensive theatrical training helped him accomplish a remarkable feat during a film shoot for In Motion. Here is what several IMDB user reviews have to say about the scene:

"I must also mention a scene toward the end of this film involving the main character, a train, and a woman on a horse, that is not only a brilliant piece of visual storytelling, but a metaphor for the character's predicament, as well as a signature shot for the entire film. I was totally blown away by the shot, and believe me, jaded as I am after so many years of movie watching, that isn't easy to do. But it's the hope of seeing such scenes that keeps me watching films." - jbrotychoorion from California

"And the final scene on the train with Anya and Guriev is excellent - Guriev sees Anya on the train stop and recognize her. Train moving and he is asking her: Guriev - Stop. Where you are going? (She remain seating on a horse) Anya - It is not me, it's you. Guriev running to the exit, she still remain seating on a horse, camera shoots thru windows showing us beauty of Russian autumn, life and this generation, young generation which is seeking for answers and rest but will never find it because changes in the country changed this generation and did not leave choices. That's why this generation of young Russians live right now across the world, and in Russia itself, after centuries of Russian history this generation actually for the first time free, and this difficult burden of freedom and chances to create a new life and reality makes us and main character Guriev be always 'In movement'." - Denis Bordovskikh from the US

"Particularly the ending of the film is cinematic genius. Not only does it sum up the entire film in a few minutes and truly shows what the character's life consists of, but leaves a sour aftertaste and is a metaphor for modern living. Could be one of the best of the new wave of Russian films that are coming out." - kyrilone from Ireland

5 - Konstantin lost his young wife to a brain tumor, only months after she gave birth to their son. Anastasia was a journalist who was diagnosed with her fatal tumor while expecting their child. She refused treatment in order to ensure the safety of their baby. He has been a widower since 2008.

6 - Konstantin appears often as military leaders, including this role in White Guard, a classic play by Mikhail A. Bulgakov.

7 - In 2008 he played Admiral Kolchak, a naval commander who became head of the White supporters during the Russian Revolution. Once again it strikes me how much the world has changed, when a major Russian film can be made which is sympathetic to the anti-Communist forces. And I love that Konstantin is so often involved in these kinds of projects.

8 - The role where I first discovered him is in the urban fantasy series Night Watch (Nochnoy dozor) and Day Watch (Dnevnoy dozor). Playing Light Other Anton Gorodetsky, he patrols the paranormal dimension that regular humans can't see, ensuring that the Dark Others stay true to their treaties and boundaries.

9 - And Konstantin is an awesome crier.

In this scene from The Goddess, Konstantin plays the inconsolable father of a girl who has been missing for over a year. Unfortunately, there are no subtitles.

10 - If not for Night Watch and Day Watch, I would never have stumbled upon footage of Konstantin in what looked like a Christmas movie. It turned out to be the sequel to a revered New Year's movie which Russians watch religiously every year. I settled in to watch both the original and the sequel, and discovered a set of magical films that have now stolen my own heart forevermore.

In the clip below, he appears at the beginning, then again at the 4:20 mark, then again at 12:40. To read the English subtitles, just click on the enlarge button in the bottom righthand corner.

11 - He has collaborated several times with director Timur Bekmambetov, including the Hollywood action flick Wanted, starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy.

12 - He's collected numerous awards for his craft over the years, including the Golden Eagle for cinematic work and the Honored Artist of Russia.

13 - My 5 on Friday for New Year's Eve will feature music from the two Russian New Year's films, where Konstantin is featured in the sequel.


Jennie Marsland said...

What a hottie, and what a talent! Great choice, Julia!

Anonymous said...

draga Giulia,personal mie Kostea imi pare cel mai bun.Sunt indragostita de acest actor de cand l-am vazut intaia data:"amiral"Stii ce-mi pare rau insa? ca nu-l pot felicita maine de ziua lui pe o adresa proprie.Nu i-am gasit nici o adresa sau mail!Tot timpul saitul lui este in reconstructie...pacat...poate ma ajuti tu...Lilia