Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 194 - 13 Words

Here are thirteen words I plan to use this year:

Photo by Maureen Kemp

1 - prosecco

I just adore this Italian dry sparkling wine. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Not for everyday, though. Should be for special occasions.

2 - celebration

I'm definitely in the mood for celebrating. I have a few specific ones in mind. And I'll need prosecco for those.

3 - set

As in, 'walking on set'. As on a film set. Will have more on that as spring rolls around. Just a short project, book promo-related, but returning me to my true passion.

4 - bravo

Psst... here's a little secret. Ballet people love shouting 'bravo!' and clapping wildly. It's part of the fun of going to the ballet in the first place.

5 - conference

My first writer's conference! Coming up in June! Working like a dog to save up $$$. Thankfully, there's lots to do at work, at the moment.

6 - connect

I really enjoy connecting with people. Not in a chat-up-total-strangers-on-the-bus kind of extroverted way, but in a longterm-blogging-develop-relationships-with-people introverted kind of way.

7 - retreat

I'm a repeat retreater. Writers' retreat, that is. I've been to about seven of them with my writers' group each year, and I'm already counting the weeks until the next one.

I'm not much of a retreat sort of person, otherwise, as in step back from a challenge/confrontation. Always refining the art of diplomacy, me.

8 - breathtaking

It's what makes life so precious, those moments that take my breath away. I'm looking forward to all of those waiting for me this year. Hope you find lots of them in your year.

9 - request

I'm looking forward to that magical day when I receive a request for my full manuscript. And being able to write 'requested material' on the envelope.

10 - miniseries

How I love discovering a TV miniseries that sweeps me away and keeps me waiting, waiting, waiting for the next episode. Like Downton Abbey, now airing on PBS Masterpiece. Or Spartacus, returning Jan. 21st on Starz and The Movie Network.

11 - heartwrenching

And I do need my miniseries to give my heart a good squish. Make me cry! That's what I want.

12 - launch

Looking forward to the day when 'launch' is a word for my creative work, and not just the ferry heading across the harbour.

13 - beloved

My year is most complete when I can share it with my beloved.


Xakara said...

Good luck on using each and every word just as you wish too! Enjoy the retreats and conferences. I'm hoping to hit a convention and retreat this year as well but time and finances will tell.

Happy TT,

13 Comforts

I am Harriet said...

Is is okay to say "Bravo"?
Good list.

Have a great Thursday!

Brenda ND said...

Grin. Have fun using your words and at your conference.

Alice Audrey said...

You know, technically, it could be said that you have already used all these words this year.

Fun list.

Pearl said...

sounds like quite a year. retreats are great for head space. which writers conference are you going to? I make writing festivals, conferences and so on part of my routine. just launched a book last year.

your beloved looks warm and friendly.