Friday, July 20, 2012

5 on Friday - Set 128

Travis at Trav's Thoughts invites everyone to lay down a short set of music that takes their fancies for his 5 on Friday meme.

Here in Halifax it's Tall Ships time--the vessels began arriving on Wednesday, and will be in port until Monday. I'm planning to spend my lunch hour from work tomorrow down on the waterfront, strolling past those beautiful ships.

So this week's 5 on Friday is a look back at 1984, the year Halifax hosted its first Tall Ships event--and the one that has never been surpassed.

That year there were so many of the Class A ships (the largest and most stately of the square-rigged vessels) including the Russian ship Kruzenshtern. If you missed my tale of The Summer of My Sister's Russian Sailor, first posted here in 2009, follow these links:

EXCITING UPDATE: As I linked up these posts, I discovered a comment in Russian from March of this year. Between my two Russian phrase books and the online translator, this is what it says:

Hello Julia.

Very interesting to read your publication. I was on Kruzenshtern during that journey. The only regret is that I know nothing of value of Rashid. But promise to try to find out. And that is Valery. I saw him a little less than two years ago. He is now on the sea and living in Kaliningrad.


спасибо! Spaciba!! (Thank you, thank you, thank you!!)

I hope to hear from you again!


Back in 1984, when we met up with Rashid and Yuri, we had a ghettoblaster that ran on D batteries which we took in the car with us to play our mixed cassettes. I started taking it onboard the ship when we were allowed on, and started recording our conversations over the music mixes I'd made.

So the following three songs are on that tape, and whenever I hear them I'm automatically thinking about that time and wondering how Rashid is doing now.

1 - Dance Hall Days - Wang Chung 

2 - Safety Dance - Men Without Hats

3 - Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

4 - стаканы (Glass) - Akvarium (Aquarium)

I've included this song, featuring clips from the Russian historical drama which my husband and I are obsessively watching, because I love the way it sounds remarkably like the Celtic rock style favored by East Coast Canadian musicians.

Plus, I love all the drinking in this show!

Bednaya Nastya

5 - Orinoco Flow - Enya

This is footage of the Kruzenshtern in action.

Added bonus: a short feature on life aboard the Kruzenshtern.


Jamie White said...

Wow three songs I really, really like - Safety Dance, Time After Time, and Orinoco Flow. Of course Safety Dance has had a new life as a Lipton Tea commercial:

M. said...

Hi Julia! Long time no visit. Hope your summer's going splendidly!
I love Wang Chung and Safety Dance! Though whenever they come on the radio now and I start dancing to them my teenager rolls his eyes.
Am in the depths of submission depression. Sent out huge round of queries, got only a single partial request with subsequent no thanks. Am wallowing in self pity for a little while. At least I'm doing that lakeside at the cottage, though.

Travis Cody said...

Love me some Safety Dance!