Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vote for my blog!

Voting ends tomorrow, Aug 10th--if you'd like to add your support for A Piece of My Mind, here are the instructions:

Scroll down to the Creative Writing Teacher blog section.

Go to Comments and click on the little down arrows beside the word 'comments'.

The links for the nominated blogs will appear. My blog is listed as 'julia-mindovermatter' and is the 20th one down.

You should see a + number figure in red. At this point, if you have upgraded to Google Plus, you'll also see a + 1 beside the first number. Click on the + 1 to cast your vote.

If you can't see the + 1, upgrade to Google Plus and then vote.

Thanks to all who have taken part and shown your support!

I'm also over at The Popculturedivas today, talking about where I'll be in two short weeks:


Unknown said...

Okay, that wasn't so hard.

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam said...

Hi Julia, thanks for your kind words of encouragement. You blog is beautiful and attractive. I just followed your site. I shall visit your blog often. All the best.