Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Thirteen -- 298 -- 13 Cadence Creek Christmas Menu Items With Donna Alward

This week I'm hosting fellow Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada author Donna Alward here at A Piece of My Mind.

Let's see what she's got cooking for her Thursday Thirteen. Over to you, Donna!


I thought I’d do a Cadence Creek Christmas themed Thursday Thirteen!  Since food almost always plays a big part in my books, I figured coming up with thirteen different foods would be easy – especially since this is a Christmas book! Ready?

13: Pot Roast – page 20.  The food at The Wagon Wheel Diner is pretty good – and we’ve heard about it before in the other Cadence Creek books. Martha Bullock makes the best pie in Cadence Creek and her recipes are a trade secret.

12: Nacho Dip – page 41. What’s a wedding shower without some snacks? I love nacho dip and it’s so easy. Equal amounts of Miracle Whip and Cream cheese blended together makes the bottom. Spread on taco sauce and salsa, top with tomatoes, grated cheddar and some green onion and you’re good to go.

11: Chocolate Fudge Cake – page 64. Pressed into alternate arrangements for the rehearsal dinner, it’s off to the Wagon Wheel for lasagna and garlic bread. But the bakery sent over a cake to help with dessert. Isn’t it nice how the community just chips in when it’s needed?

10: Hot Cider – page 97. It’s winter. There’s more than just fruit punch at the wedding cocktail hour. I love hot spiced cider – yum!

9: Beef Wellington – page 105. Main course at the reception. After all, they’re feeding a room full of ranchers. What else would they have but beef? I love Beef Wellington, but it’s a special dish I don’t eat very often!

8: Pastry baskets filled with chocolate mousse and topped with berries and cream – page 107. Wedding dessert. Pastry. Chocolate. Whipped Cream. Berries. Did I miss anything?

7: Lavender Chocolate Cake – page 112. Come on, you didn’t expect an ordinary wedding cake, did you? The bride is a baker and her best friend and ex-boss made the cake as a gift. I knew it had to be something original and very special!

6: Coffee and Eggnog – page 132. One thing I love to do at Christmas? Add egg nog to my coffee instead of my usual light cream. The only thing better is Bailey’s…

5: Cannelloni – page 147. Enough with the meat and potatoes. Bring on the pasta. Tomato, basil, cheese… Cannelloni and Manicotti are 2 of my kids’ favourite meals.

4. Stollen, Christmas Pudding, Strudel, and Carrot Cake! Page 167. A trip to the bakery yields food for now and food for later. Taylor and Angela have strudel and cake, and Taylor buys the pud and stollen for a great traditional family Christmas she’s planning.

3: Romaine Salad - page 198. I got this recipe from my “adopted” family in Calgary. Grandma Tena makes it and it’s delicious. Romaine, mandarin orange, red pepper strips and poppyseed dressing. It’s so yummy.

2: Prime Rib and Yorkshire pudding - page 198. You knew it had to be something tasty for Christmas Eve dinner, right? My Yorkshire pudding never turns out, but I love eating someone else’s.

1: Cranberry Bread Pudding with Custard Sauce – page 199 I LOVE Bread Pudding. Almost any kind. But I had this particular one at the Banff Springs Hotel during one of our Christmas brunches and it was marvelous. Just beautiful.

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Thanks for such a delicious list of thirteen things, Donna! The cranberry bread pudding does sound like I want, now...

For readers wondering about the Hal-Con costume Thursday Thirteen I mentioned last week, please check back next week. Let's see which one is your favorite.


Jennifer Leeland said...

They all look delicious, but that Romaine Salad with poppy seed dressing sounds like something I'd want to try. Awesome TT Donna and Julia.

Donna Alward said...

Hi Jennifer! It's tasty, and you can add a few pecans to it too for some crunch if you like.

Sidne said...

I so loved that and now for brunch. I love your blog design/decor.

Sidne said...

I so loved that and now for brunch. I love your blog design/decor.