Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 on Friday -- Set 202

Spinning Friday tunes since 2010...

For anyone who wants to join in, simply choose five pieces of music and post them for other bloggers to enjoy. Then check out the set posted by the other 5 on Friday blogger -- you can sign in over at Golch Central's Rambling Stuff.

At the moment, Mike and I are carrying on a tradition started four years ago by our friend Travis. Over the years we've had up to ten bloggers creating wonderful musical sets to share with one another on Fridays.

If you'd like to join in, please do! It's a lot of fun. I've discovered a ton of great new-to-me music doing this weekly feature.

This is the last set before Christmas rolls around next Wednesday. Here are five lively seasonal tunes to get your toes tapping while you get your last-minute Christmas stuff done.

1 - Riu Riu Chiu -- Kalenda Maya

2 - The Seven Joys of Mary -- Great Big Sea

3 - Christmas Jig and Mouth of the Tobique Reel -- Natalie MacMaster and Yo-Yo Ma  

4 - The King -- Loreena Mckennitt and Cedric Smith

5 - Panxolina -- Cristina Pato and Yo-Yo Ma


Mike Golch said...

Great set. I did a differt kind of christmas set.