Friday, April 17, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge -- O is for Songs That Start With 'On' / 5 on Friday -- Set 268

Here we are at Day 15, where O is for On.

Just a note for anyone dropping in for the A to Z Challenge:

I'm behind by four posts this week, as I was actively working online on behalf of the film and television industry here in my province of Nova Scotia. To check out what's going on, you can read up here:

For today's blog challenge, let me introduce you to my regular Friday feature: 

Spinning Friday tunes since 2010...

For anyone who wants to join in, simply choose five pieces of music and post them for other bloggers to enjoy. Then check out the set posted by the other 5 on Friday blogger -- you can sign in over at Golch Central's Rambling Stuff.

This week's set is made up of songs that start with the word 'on'. They call us to take our places, to dig deep within ourselves, and to make the move from dreams to action. 

1 - On Broadway - George Benson 

2 - On the Good Ship Lollipop - Shirley Temple 

3 - On the Street Where You Live - Harry Connick Jr. 


4 - On My Own - Samantha Barks 

5 - On a Clear Day - Frank Sinatra  



Mike Golch said...

Cool set,sorry for not stopping by sooner but for the past few day i've been having a major fight with the computer and had to "kill it" 2 days in a row,I think I finally got it working.

Hot Chocolate said...

Brought back memories form my childhood with Shirley Temple and the rest : )