Friday, August 21, 2015

5 on Friday -- Set 280

Spinning Friday tunes since 2010...

For anyone who wants to join in, simply choose five pieces of music and post them for other bloggers to enjoy. Then check out the set posted by the other 5 on Friday blogger -- you can sign in over at Golch Central's Rambling Stuff.

280 music sets! That's only 20 more sets before A Piece of My Mind celebrates its 300th 5 on Friday post. A little mindboggling, really.

So many musical roads I've meandered during these 5 on Friday sets, both by listening to the sets put together by the other bloggers, and by putting together my own.

When 5 on Friday began, there were about ten of us spinning the Friday tunes. I encountered so many wonderful new-to-me tunes, as well as being reacquainted with songs whose title I would never have remembered or even who played them.

Travis, the originator of the Friday blog event, decided to call it a wrap after his 200th set, but Mike Golch and I kept going, and now we're the only two still doing it.

This week's set is a nod to the gypsy caravan nature of 5 on Friday.

You never know where the muse will take you. I just go along for the ride. It's good for my creative well -- in fact, I know my creativity thrives on musical journeys like these.

1 - Spanish Caravan - The Doors 

2 - Caravan - Van Morrison 

3 - Minor Swing - Russian retro jazz manouche or gypsy jazz band 

4 - Amari Szi Amari - Csokolom 

5 - Super Taranta! - Gogol Bordello 


Mike Golch said...

Great set.if you had left a comment on my 5 On friday some how it got deleted.