Thursday, April 7, 2016

A to Z Blog Challenge -- F -- Furies of New England series Book 3 DARK FURY

Welcome to Day 6 of this year's April blog event -- the A to Z Blog Challenge!

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Nicola R. White, a fellow member of my writers' group Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada.

Nicola writes kickass paranormal romances for new adult readers. What is new adult? you may ask. It's a crossover genre between YA and the broader spectrum of adult fiction (YA featuring high school aged protagonists who are routinely called upon to save the world because the adults are bringing grandma to her doctor's appointment or searching for furnace parts at the hardware store.) New adult focuses on all those things that the 18-to-30 year old crowd wrestles with: moving to a new city, landing that first real job, navigating roommate relationships, redefining one's place in the world.     

Today we're taking a look at Nicola's third book in her Furies of New England series, DARK FURY which released this past February.  

The Furies are ancient female dieties who act as champions of justice and vengeance. In Nicola's series, four friends discover they have somehow become hosts to the spirits of the Furies. As each of the main characters carves out a relationship with the Fury residing within her, the books' romantic suspense storylines give the Furies more than enough excuses to emerge.

In DARK FURY, Rachel Underwood's dream of attending Harvard University finally comes true when she walks onto campus as a mature student. It's been a long journey, but she's finally made it -- no longer fresh out of high school but with a few years under her belt. Too bad she also has a Fury lurking inside of her.

Tisiphone definitely complicates Rachel's confusing attraction to FBI agent Ethan Graves, who has lurked on the edges of the Furies' activities in Books 1 and 2. Will Rachel get a chance to sort out her own feelings for the disconcerting agent, or will Tisiphone leave Rachel and Ethan to burn in the fireball of her breakout quests for retribution?

Nicola's first book FURY'S KISS wrapped up the series' first instalment with the four friends making peace with their new roles and assembling a Furies team with an Avengers or an X-Men feel to it. I loved it. My own vampire character Peredur in VAMPIRES SAINTS AND LOVERS has a similar identity crisis when the saint inside of him takes over, so I really love this aspect of Nicola's series.