Friday, March 16, 2007

Last Day at the Registry

A funny way to end my contract at Land Registration - I took the morning off because I had a doctor's appointment, plus I had to pick up prescriptions over at the Metropolitan Dispensary.

I only had the afternoon, which gave me precisely enough time to QC one book (that's quality control, as in look at every page of an 800-plus-page book of property deeds to make sure everything scanned okay), get 250 pages into the next one, copy down a few final names for my huge list I've kept over the past year-and-a-half (I've always collected names to use when I make up characters), and answer a few questions for the person taking over the property plans who I trained this week.

And of course I talked to my new supervisor, who wanted to go over a few final things before I get there next Monday. And said a few goodbyes, but not too many because I'll be keeping in touch with a lot of them.

It all went by very quickly, and before I knew it I was strolling along the harbour heading for the ferry. It's been a wonderful job, and I've worked with a great team.

But I'm grateful, very grateful to have found this new position at Pensions. At this moment I feel like the end of the "Mary Tyler Moore" opening credits. I'm tossing my hat up into the air, with "You're gonna make it after all" playing in the background.


Kailana said...

Hey there! I just saw your comment on Chris's book-a-rama, did you want to make it an offical entry into the list making? If you do, I just need somewhere to link to, and I don't think you can link to comments.

And, how cool that you live in Halifax, you live really close to me!

julia said...

Kailana, I have to confess that I am technically challenged. If you can talk me through linking it, or if you need me to make it tomorrow's blog entry, I can do it that way.