Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Three Seconds of National Coverage

After work on Monday, I headed to The Paper Chase in Halifax to buy Starlog magazine. It's a sci-fi fantasy mag that mainly covers film and television, but also reviews books, games and websites. It's a hefty $12 in Canada, but its depth of coverage is well worth it. I've been reading Starlog for thirty years and have the back issues to prove it.

It's harder to find in Halifax than in Toronto, and I wasn't surprised when The Paper Chase was sold out of it. So I walked up to The Daily Grind at the top of Spring Garden road to see if they still had any copies left.

I made my way along the diagonal walk past the library and saw a reporter and a videographer waiting at the other end. I thought they were waiting to do a take, but it turns out they were waiting for me.

The reporter was John Vennavally-Rao from CTV. I'm a news junkie and recognized him right away. He asked if I would make a few comments about the early daylight savings time coming this weekend, so I said ,"Sure." It was painless and even kind of fun.

So off I went to The Daily Grind, where Starlog was waiting for me. Once I got home, I told my mom and husband, and I put a tape in the VCR for the 11:00 national news just in case I made the broadcast. Sure enough, they ended with a piece on daylight savings time.

Vennavally-Rao said most people he'd talked to were looking forward to it, and they cut to me as the lead-in response. "I think most people need something to pick their spirits up," I said for all of 3 seconds. Then another man makes a comment, and they save a third woman for the end. The piece goes on to warn about computer timekeeping gliches and having to manually change them.

Thus begins my PR odyssey. I'd better start each day as if I'm ready for my close-up. You never know who's going to be waiting around the next bend in the road.

Click on the link to see the footage. Once on the CTV page, click on the video footage at right.


Annie Mac said...

That is so cool. I see those guys with a camera and I run the other way.

annette said...

I meant to tell you that I saw you on the news last night. You did great! :-)

Kelly said...