Saturday, June 30, 2007

June Movie Roundup

My husband started doing this on his blog (though he has been taking a blog break lately) and I felt like doing it, too. These are the films I watched during June:

Happy Feet - New to me

(All blurbs are borrowed from IMDb) "Into the world of the Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song, a penguin is born who cannot sing. But he can tap dance something fierce!"


Knocked Up - New

"For fun loving party animal Ben Stone, the last thing he ever expected was for his one night stand to show up on his doorstep eight weeks later to tell him she's pregnant."

Laughed till I wheezed. Really liked Seth Rogen's performance.

The Importance of Being Ernest - Viewed again

"In 1890s London, two friends use the same pseudonym ("Ernest") for their on-the-sly activities. Hilarity ensues."

This play by Oscar Wilde is one of my all-time favorite things. Colin Firth is wonderful - can he be anything else? - as John Worthing.

Casanova - Viewed again

"Heath Ledger plays the fabled romantic as a man who, after failing to win the affection of a particular Venetian woman, strives to discover the real meaning of love."

Charming and wonderful to look at. Especially the scene of Venice at night. Gives me chills, the way the moonlight shines on the city.

Van Helsing - Viewed again

"The notorious monster hunter is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula who is using Dr. Frankenstein's research and a werewolf for some sinister purpose."

This is a B movie but I needed to look at vampires in action and other gothic mood enhancers. Plus I needed to see some Hugh Jackman going through angst.

Stay - New to me

"This movie focuses on the attempts of a psychiatrist to prevent one of his patients from committing suicide while trying to maintain his own grip on reality."

Psychological thriller with fave Ewan McGregor. More angst. Interesting shot set-ups. Strange narrative that wouldn't be for everybody. But I like these weird flicks!

The Fountain - New to me

"Spanning over one thousand years, and three parallel stories, The Fountain is a story of love, death, spirituality, and the fragility of our existence in this world."

And talk about weird flicks - this is just the way I like 'em! Philosophical, mind-blowing, visually stunning, loads of Hugh Jackman torment. What could be better? (Did I ever mention I like tortured heroes? Or Hugh Jackman?)

X-Men - Viewed again

"Two mutants come to a private academy for mutants whose resident superhero team must oppose a powerful mutant terrorist organization."

Yes! More Hugh Jackman! I'm on a roll! He rocks in this part.

X-Men 3 - Viewed again

"When a cure is found to treat mutations, lines are drawn amongst the X-Men, led by Professor Charles Xavier (Stewart), and the Brotherhood, a band of powerful mutants organized under Xavier's former ally, Magneto (McKellen)."

(Shiver! Sigh!) The Hugh happiness continues. My husband gave this DVD to me today. It's an early anniversary present. He can never wait until the actual day when he buys me presents. I'm glad we had it for today!


disillussioned_me said...

I loved Happy Feet! i love the tap dancing & saw it at the dome...awesome experience.
I like Ewan Mcgregor too!

Akelamalu said...

The only one I've seen is Van Helsing. I quite enjoyed it.

Akelamalu said...

PS I will put my thinking blogger post up tomorrow.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Geez. I watched one with the Tour Manager and two with the kids. That's it.

I suspect now that we have Netflix, that'll go up, but we'll see.

Annie Mac said...

Hmm - I get the feeling your a Hugh Jackman fan.

littlebirdblue said...

Holy Cramoly, that's a lot of movies for one little month.

Not seen:
Happy Feet
Knocked Up
The Fountain

Importance of Being Ernest (***Loved it***)
Casanova (not so good, but fun fun fun to look at)
Van Helsing (not memorable)
X-men 3