Friday, June 8, 2007

Things I Can See From the Reception Desk

The front desk receptionist has the day off today, so I'm here enjoying the view all day long. One wall is nothing but windows. Am I sad? Nah!

So what can I see on this fine morning?

A puce-colored bus parked on the side of Hollis Street, tucked against the cement wall running down from Barrington Street. Oh wait - now there's a royal blue bus and a dark navy bus, too. I don't really understand why buses park there. 'No Parking' signs line that stretch of road. Who knows what lurks in the bylaws of city parking regulations?

The weathervane shaped like the Bluenose schooner sitting on top of the World Trade and Convention Center. Hurricane Juan twisted it into some sort of contemporary sculpture in 2003, but it got replaced with version #2.

A very faint but visible half moon in the clear blue sky.

Three 20-or-so story buildings, which is about as highrise as Halifax gets. No city canyons here.

Some Metro Transit buses pulling in and out of the Scotia Square terminal.

Co-workers happily getting on the elevator, heading for their breaks.

People walking outside in summer clothes after a week that seesawed between cold and hot.

A yellow plane flying above the city.

A few very feathery clouds.

Trees all leafed out and green.

It's a beautiful day! I'm glad to be out here at reception enjoying the view.


Kelly said...

I see dead people.

No wait...never mind, that's just my co-workers with the blank-eyed Friday's not over yet stares.

Akelamalu said...

You have a nice view. I'm looking out onto my front garden at the moment when I really should be sitting in it!

MyUtopia said...

My back is to the window I have

disillussioned_me said...

Hey lucky you! hehehe i would to see a yellow airplane fly by!

Isabella Snow said...

"Co-workers happily getting on the elevator"

Clearly, you do not live in NYC! ;-p

Annie Mac said...

I love downtown - when I'm walking. Hate driving or parking down there, though.

I think it's time for me and my daughters to take a walk along the waterfront, check Historic Property shops (used to work there back in the day) and take the fairy across to Dartmouth.

Julie S said...

How lovely! I miss having a view. I used to have a window, but now I don't. Probably for the best since I'm easily distracted :-)

La Espia T. said...

It's always a treat to view things from a different angle. I notice this most when I get down on the floor to play with my daughter. Between her ponies and her tiny people with their houses there is always something new to see, especially when she is narrating the adventure.

STAK said...

it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood,wasn't it.........