Monday, March 29, 2010

Through the Opera Glasses - 53 - March Art Show - The Art of the Celts

Here is a closer look at the art I've featured this month in my Sidebar Art Gallery:

Dragon Shield, a contemporary piece by Kevin Dyer

The Tara Brooch of the Irish Insular style, 700 CE

Bronze horse artifact, honoring Epona the Horse Goddess

Pentre ifan, a Welsh cromlech

Celtic mermaid, from their mythological traditions

The Battersea shield, Iron Age ceremonial piece, 3rd to 1st century BCE

Celtic ring featuring Epona, the Horse Goddess, Late Iron Age

Celtic zoomorphic art, from the rich animal symbolism of the Celtic culture

The Ardagh Chalice, 8th century metalwork

Apprentice Writer says My fave piece - the horse.

Travis says The chalice is way cool.


M. said...

Art almost all very impressive, my fave piece the horse - but the brooch is just a little too creepily egg-and-sperm reminiscent for my taste...

Julia, I love the idea of getting to know your chapter pres a little better, but I'm no facebookie. Does she blog? or can i share my email addie with her? i don't want to force myself on her.

Travis said...

The chalice is way cool.