Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Stock Sunday - 25

My vintage look at summer for Summer Stock Sunday, hosted by Robin at Around the Island.

Just got back from a Girls' Overnight in Halifax, which for me and my friend Shelley amounts to a staycation. I have to say I'm a major fan of staycations. Several years ago my friend Lisa came for a visit from Ontario, and we stayed at the Westin Nova Scotian - walking distance to everything, luxury, pampering and the freedom to enjoy ourselves without having to take a flight anywhere (for me, at least.)

Last night I left work, walked through the pedway as I would if I were catching the ferry home, started the walk through the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel which forms part of the indoor route for commuters - but instead of continuing on, I turned down the corridor toward our room and met up with three of my high school choir friends.

All four of us moved away after high school, but two of us returned while one of our group lives in British Columbia and one lives in Seattle. Whenever possible, we get together when the stars align and we're all in the same city. A few weeks ago, Maureen was here for a family event but wasn't expected to be here this weekend - but Shelley told her to catch a quick flight and what a great surprise when I walked in and there she was!

So for my walk down memory lane for Summer Stock Sunday, here's a few shots taken in 1981, when I was heading into grade twelve and many of my close choir friends had just graduated and were about to head off to university.

The four of us who reveled in our Girls' Overnight were part of this close-knit crew, though only Maureen and I were at this particular barbeque.

Clockwise from left: John, Maureen, Michael, me, Philip, Ted and Katherine

Clockwise from left: Mark, Philip, Ted, Katherine and John

Me with Katherine

L to R: Philip, John, Katherine and Mark

L to R: Maureen, John, Philip and Michael


Robin said...

Great memories, and I'm a big fan of girlfriend getaways too, wherever they take place :).

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Anne MacFarlane said...

I enjoy seeing your older pictures, Julia. So Fun!

Sadly, we didn't have a choir in our high school.

Naquillity said...

what a great looking bunch. appears that everyone was having fun in your pics. your staycation sounds great. hope all is well.

Jessica Sieghart said...

I was a choir chick in high school, too! Your pics from that time remind me so much of the ones I have. Good friends, lots of smiles & some rather unusual clothing choices. Haha! Hey, it looked good at the time!

Louise said...

As usual great to see the old photos. I need to scan some of my old photos as well :)

Travis Cody said...

I love a good staycation.