Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 Degrees of Musical Progression Thread

For everyone playing along with Travis' 5 Degrees of Musical Progression last Friday - and for those who weren't playing but who want to know how my set linked together - here are the connecting elements.

1 - Although there ended up being a clear thematic thread of redemption tying the songs together, which all of you pointed out - smarties! - my actual launching pad for the progression was personnel-oriented.

I began with a Muse track. Muse has worked with producer Rich Costey on two albums, but not on the particular track I included. Since it just won a Grammy, though, I had to post that one.

2 - Rich Costey also mixed 2007's Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace for the Foo Fighters.

Foo Fighters drummer Dave Grohl previously played with Nirvana.

3 - Nirvana's frontman was Kurt Cobain.

He was married to Courtney Love.

4 - Courtney Love recorded Nobody's Daughter with her band Hole, released last year.

Appearing on the track I included was Billy Corgan on guitar.

5 - Billy Corgan is the frontman of The Smashing Pumpkins.


Travis Cody said...

I thought I read this post and left a comment.

I like that these progressions can be linked in a way that isn't obvious, but people can listen to the music and sometimes find linkages that speak to them.

We're going to do this again. We'll make it an irregular regular thing.