Friday, February 11, 2011

5 on Friday - Set 53

Travis at Trav's Thoughts invites everyone to lay down a short set of music that takes their fancies for his 5 on Friday meme.

Continuing with the series of popular music through the decades which I began last fall, let's listen to what the 1950s had to offer -

1 - Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes

Mister Sandman
Bring me a dream
Make him the cutest that I've ever seen

Give him two lips
Like roses and clover
Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over

- Pat Ballard

2 - Fever - Peggy Lee

You give me fever
When you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight

In the morning
Fever all through the night

- Cooley / Davenport

3 - Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis

Kiss me baby
Feels good

Hold me baby
Let me love you like a lover should

You're fine
So kind
Got to tell this world that you're mine, mine, mine

- Blackwell / Hammer

The song begins at the 1:43 mark.

4 - One For My Baby, and One More For the Road - Frank Sinatra

You'd never know it
But buddy, I'm a kind of poet
And I've got a lot of things I want to say

And if I'm gloomy
Please listen to me
Till it's all, all talked away

- Arlen / Mercer

5 - Poison Ivy - The Coasters

You can look
But you better not touch

Poison ivy
Poison ivy

Late at night while you're sleeping
Poison ivy comes creeping

- Leiber / Stoller


Shrinky said...

Ooh, what a trip down memory lane, I knew all of these (and wasn't even born until 1959)! Great selection, thanks for making me smile.

jennifer said...

Oh wow! This was a FABULOUS collection of songs. I really enjoyed your set!

Linda said...

Hard choices but I'm going to pick "Fever" as my 50's favorite for this week!

Ah, they don't make songs like they used to!

Jamie said...

That was a fun revisit of the late 50s music. I danced to all those songs.

Akelamalu said...

Love all your choices today Julia. :)

Michael Offutt said...

Definitely classics. All of them. I especially have always liked Mr. Sandman.

Travis Cody said...

I am such a fan of 50s music. It was music from my mom's teen years. I loved learning about it from playing all her old records.

AngelBaby said...

Oh wow does this bring back some memories. These were some of my favorite songs of long ago. Thanks for sharing these.

Love and Blessings,