Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 212 - 13 Randoms From My Life Right Now

1 - Just donated to a funding campaign for a dance film starring two of Canada's most exquisite dancers - Rex Harrington and Evelyn Hart.

This is the coolest idea ever. A site where you can run a limited campaign to fundraise for independent projects.

CLICK HERE for Rex's fundraising campaign - only 2 days left

2 - Met with my film editor at 902 POST last week and put together the assembly edit of the book trailer in a few hours.

Doug Woods - making my dreams come true. SO thrilled to be working with you.

3 - On Friday I'll be attending a Women in Film and Television Atlantic event with my producer Tara featuring cinematographer Becky Parsons.

4 - Was watching the first part of the 2-hour season 6 Supernatural finale when my fellow Ryerson film school grad Adam Reid showed up as the H.P. Lovecraft expert.

Didn't see that coming.

He was awesome!

5 - Got my bookmarks designed and printed thanks to Caroline and Tara.

6 - Met with my web designer Anne MacFarlane and set up a schedule for the launch of my very own dot com site.

7 - I applied for my passport in preparation for my trip next month to New York City for the writers' conference.

8 - Signed up online for my agent and editor appointments at the conference.

9 - Starting to practice my story pitches for the conference.

10 - Spent Victoria Day weekend critiquing a friend's manuscript. A perfect thing to do when the weather was cool and soggy.

11 - Mucho backlogged-io at the day job, but finally getting to the point where I can see a faint light at the end of the tunnel.


12 - Did manage to wash a dog blanket, a people blanket and a load of clothes, and hung them on the line on the one day that had some sunny breaks and a gentle breeze.

Mmm. I love fresh clothes off the line.

13 - After weeks of unrelenting wetness here in the Maritimes, I managed to get the lawn mowed.



Shelley Munro said...

Julia, you certainly have a lot going on at present. You'll enjoy the conference for sure. Good luck with your agent and editor apointments.

Joyce said...

Wow-you're busy! Best of luck at the conference...I live in a suburb of the city-have fun!

Visiting from Thursday 13 today~

I am Harriet said...

I can relate to that lawn mowing. Good luck with your .com!

Enjoy your Thursday!

Akelamalu said...

My, you've been busy! Hope the conference goes well.

I've just about got straight with the washing and ironing and over the jet lag and we're off again a week today to Wales. :)