Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Movie Madness Challenge - April Report

Time for my fourth status report for the Movie Madness Challenge.

Here is my code for the films:

New to me - N
Repeat viewing - R

I'll also be including how I viewed the films:

VHS (yes, we have a lot of those, and a VCR)
Network TV
Pay TV
Internet streaming video
In theatre

Spartacus: Vengeance
Pay TV

Bednaya Nastya (Poor Anastasia)

127 episodes--I'm counting this Russian historical drama, or telenovela, as 6 seasons, since North American programs generally run at an average of 20 or so episodes a season

Internet Streaming Video



Total movies for April - 9

Total movies for 2012 - 31


Finally passed into Movie Newbie status!

I had a writing deadline and a book cover / book trailer shoot on the 28th which took up prep time. It went very, very well! Here's a shot of yours truly on set:

With me is Bobby Rossong, the model who portrays my dark fantasy hero, Scorpius.

25 Movies: Movie Newbie

50 Movies: Movie Fanatic

75 Movies: Movie Critic

100+ Movies: Movie Master


Travis Cody said...

But if you watched 127 online episodes, even if they are of the same program, shouldn't that put you in master status? I mean, they might be the same overall show, but each episode is different.

That's Movie Master, I say!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Rules of the challenge state that any TV series has to be watched as a full season in order to count.

But I like your reasoning, Travis.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Travis, I've recalculated my totals with the Russian series, adjusting it to take into account the number of episodes and the North American season equivalent.