Friday, April 6, 2012

A to Z Challenge - F

Day 6 of the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge

For this challenge, I'm exploring my



is for

Huckleberry Finn

I have definitely noticed since I began my Scorpius tale that I have a real soft spot for stories exploring what might seem at first to be father-figure/abandoned-boy storylines.

I think of them more as mentor/apprentice storylines. The father figure has so much emotional baggage. I find these stories allow the younger male character to bond for the first time with an adult male who is a positive force in his life.

As with all great character arcs, it's the more inexperienced character who ends up triggering the major growth for the mentor.


Travis Cody said...

That's a nice realization to come to.

My F character today is Jack Fletcher, from PN Elrod's The Vampire Files.