Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blogger Block

Until I'm wired into the world wide web, I've been blogging on my breaks at work or stopping by the library for an hour on the way home. Yesterday I planned to blog on my afternoon break, so I brought my bag with my snack and water bottle into the boardroom where my team is allowed access to an Internet-friendly PC.

But I wanted to wash all the grime from my hands before eating. The old deed books we handle coat my fingers in black after an hour or so. I washed up and strolled contentedly back towards the boardroom, to my blog and my snack.

The door was shut and the sign said 'Occupied.' Great. No blogging. No snack. I returned to my scan team work station, grabbed my notebook and used my break for longhand writing instead.

Unfortunately I had other errands to do on my morning break and lunch break. After work was no option because my sister and I were heading over to see my dad and step mom. So Feb. 21st became the Great Blog Thwarting of 07. You see how much drama lurks in even the most mundane of afternoons?


Kelly Boyce said...

I think that falls under "The Best Laid Plans" and "When Things Go Terribly Awry".