Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Making a Good Impression, Part 2

My current office culture, as far as dress code is concerned, is business casual with an emphasis on the casual. When I strolled in this morning in a tasteful navy blue suede-look suit, I may as well have worn a sign around my neck announcing 'Interview For Another Job Today.'

Not that this would be news in my six-person scan team. Especially since I had to ask for help with my resume attachment from two of them yesterday. There is no Cone of Silence around any phone conversations, so my calls from the placement agency surely tipped them off.

I dressed for an interview just in case, because the agent called my home at 4:30 when I was already heading out from the office. She left a message to call as soon as I got in this morning at 8:30. Translation - I should be prepared for an interview. I even had one for 3:30, but it got switched to tomorrow at 4:00. I made a comment to my friend that I had to rummage around tonight for another nice interview outfit. She smiled her secret smile and said, "That's a nice suit."

So tomorrow I shall arrive in the same clothes for the second day in a row. I can only hope that people think I had a wild night on Valentine's Eve.


MichelleWriter said...

Julia, Dear--
You will look lovely. I know, because I know the suit you speak of.. You will "wow' them!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Julia! And Happy Valentine's Day. :-)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Thanks, MichelleWriter. But Mom and I noticed last night that the jacket is now too big! I've moved on to the burghundy blouse but I'm keeping the navy pants.

Happy Valentine's Day Annette!