Monday, February 5, 2007

Stepping up to the Podium

clearing throat

Hello and welcome to my blog. I've been reading a few blogs for awhile now and really enjoy the format, so I'm throwing my hat in the ring to give one and all a piece of my own mind.

The whole concept of blogging is a natural step for anyone who once kept an actual diary or journal, which I did. Also for those of us who relish favorite columnists in newspapers and magazines, or can't get enough of letters to the editor.

It's so far removed from talk radio/phone-in shows/televised debates that I wonder if most bloggers prefer the calmness of the printed word and the silence inherent in reading, or whether bloggers generally listen to chatty radio/TV? After all, blogging and commenting are information sharing on a personal level. I love knowing what other people think, I just can't bear the voices.

Perhaps that's because I'm a writer and I always seem to have several personal channels of my own stories playing inside my mind. That's the best I've come up with, anyway.

This is an exciting day for me because I've been browsing the blogs long enough. I like the view from here and I look forward to meeting all who pull up a rocking chair to kick back with me.


MichelleWriter said...

Hey Jul,

Your post made me think of the whole 'spoken voice' vs 'printed word' thing... I, too, hate talk radio, static (which my boyfriend loves!), walkie talkies, and other noisy nattering. I prefer the quiet of words on a page (or a screen) probably for the same reason. There are already enough words streaming through my head at any given time!

Kelly Boyce said...

Yeah I'm not big on the chatter. But mostly I like blogs because it gives me something to do at work other than work. And you know how I love to avoid work...

Anonymous said...

You really need to warn a person before they start reading your blog. It's not pretty to have someone blubbering at the office?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new blog, Julia. It looks great!! :-)

Mike Golch said...

I just had to read your oping blog posting.a Belated welcome to the land of Blog.Enjoy the ride,I know I do.