Tuesday, May 8, 2007


One of the workshops we did at the retreat was on World Building, given by Renee. That was a really eye-opening workshop, as it became obvious that if you remain open, even the most mundane objects can jump-start your creativity.

We were given a phrase which we had to use somehow in a piece written in a ten-minute time frame. Then we were asked to pull an object from a bag. Renee asked us to rename the object and use it in a further scene with the same characters and plot we'd come up with for the first exercise.

It was amazing what everyone came up with. That willingness to look at things with fresh eyes followed me when I took my dog for a walk late this evening. The sun had already set as we moved along the path that trails through the woods behind the houses. The dim grey light tinged with a deep red along the horizon.

I found myself wondering if my vampire character would be able to wake up if there was still light lingering once the sun itself had disappeared. I paid attention to how the light retreated in the twilight.

Once I got home, I talked over the precedence for vampire lore with my husband. He felt that once the sun was no longer visible over the horizon, my character should be able to start waking up. That was a great answer, because that's how I felt when I was in the woods looking around me at the encroaching gloom.

And now, off to see what's happening with said vampire. I've got some writing to do before I settle down for bed.


Christine said...

Hi Julia! I've nominated your for the Thinking Blogger award on my site. :)

Kelly said...

Wasn't that a great exercise?! I came up with a whole new book out of 1749 - Halifax, NS. Can't beat that!

Dara Edmondson said...

Wanted to share a comment from my last RWA meeting regarding paranormals - werewolves are the new vampires!

You're tagged.