Friday, June 19, 2009

Celebrating My Step Mom on Her Birthday

Just got back from celebrating with Doris, my step mom. We all met at Montana's at Dartmouth Crossing for dinner to start things off. So of course my step sister Rhonda got to work right away with the crayons on the paper tablecloth.

This is Doris with her great-granddaughter Ava on her lap, and her best-friend-for-40-years Mona.

This is Tasha with her grandma, Doris.

Tasha impresses her daughter Ava with her party horn playing, while her Aunt Rhonda checks out the menu.

Doris can't escape the Montana birthday moose cap.

Or the birthday hat back at her apartment. My sister Michelle gives her a bit of encouragement.

Oh - who's that hanging out at Doris' table? Is it my mom? Of course. Doesn't everyone hang out with their late husband's first wife?

Rhonda brings out the cake while we all break out into song.

Ava sits across from me telling me baby-gibberish stories about the stuffed snowbaby that my dad bought for Doris. They were fascinating stories. Have I ever mentioned that I have baby-hypnotism powers? Ava talked and talked to me. No real words but she knew I understood her, anyway. My husband said, "You child charmer, you."

Doris gets up close and personal with her soon-to-be grandson-in-law, Matt (Ava's dad.) He also works at the pharmacy were I get my prescriptions. Small world!

And here's our family:

That's Doris and me in front.

L to R:

Doris' daughter Rhonda, my mom Paulette, my sister Michelle, Matt, baby Ava, Doris' granddaughter Tasha, Tasha's other grandmother, and my husband Brad

Thanks for coming to the party. Hope your Friday was fun!

Thomma Lyn Grindstaff says Family of the heart. That's awesome! :-D

Akelamalu says Doris lookes very sprightly. :)

Toni says 'Doesn't everyone hang out with their late husband's first wife?' * ROFL!


Thomma Lyn said...

Happy Birthday to your stepmom! Looks like it was a wonderful party. And what a joy, how everybody gets along so well -- family of the heart. That's awesome! :-D

Nikki said...

Awesome party and Ava is so cute!

Akelamalu said...

What a great party - you all look as if you're having a great time! Doris lookes very sprightly. :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Happy birthday, Doris! And yes, I'd have been surprised if your mom didn't hang with her. I mean, your mom created YOU and your big heart, right?

Toni said...

Doesn't everyone hang out with their late husband's first wife?
ROFL! Gotta love your sense of humor, Julia. And actually, it's nice that extended relationships sometimes work well. So much easier on all involved when they do. Loved all the party photos. TFS.

Julia Smith said...

Thomma Lyn - My mom had a blast chatting with all my dad's women. One person, when she found out who Mom was, said, "How could you leave such a nice man like Norman?"

And Mom said, "I wanted to share the wealth." - LOL!!

Nikki - Ava is quite an observer. And then she gets really animated all of a sudden. Really cute!

Akelamalu - Doris is definitely filled with life!

Susan - ((hug))

Toni - You should have seen the look on the doctor's face when she called the family into a consultation when my dad was in his last days at the hospital. When she realized my dad's former wife and his current wife were both there in support of each other, it was a priceless moment - an oasis of joy in a sea of grief.