Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday - 3

What better part of summer can there be than a visit from a faraway friend?

This is my wonderful friend Lisa and me when we worked together in the Simpson's Children's Shoe Department in Toronto, back in the late 1980's.

She came for a visit last summer, and we had a ball together. It's her second visit here to see me since my husband and I moved to Nova Scotia ten years ago. A return home for me, a new adventure for him.

What is summer in Halifax but having a beer or a glass of wine at the quintessential gathering place - the pub? Here we sat outside at the Lower Deck to enjoy a gorgeous day.

Later in the week we went to The Old Triangle, where we had dinner as well as a few drinks. Absolutely delicious pub food.

Upstairs there was east coast fiddler Dave MacIsaac and a mandolin & guitar player who had the place whooping, stomping and clapping.

Here's a little taste of what a night out at a Halifax pub might bring you, if you happen to go while Dave MacIsaac is playing.

Back in our days fetching shoes for little customers, Lisa started a joke on crazy, hectic days where she would tip her glasses sideways as if she'd gotten knocked in the head. It always made us laugh and got us through the next stretch of insanity. So we felt the old wonky glasses routine was in order on our night out on the town.

Old friends, old jokes, great food, great drinks, great music - the best things about summer are these.

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Thomma Lyn says What fabulous music!

Robin says Good pubs and live tunes, you don't need much more than that, do you?

Louise says After all those pics w/ beer and wine in hand comes those tipped glasses photos and I thought, WOW, they really had a hard night out ;o)


Thomma Lyn said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your friend, Julia! I'm glad. :) And what fabulous music!

Anonymous said...

I had the same giant glasses in the 80s :) Covered half of my face :) Great story - you had a fabulose time together!

Carletta said...

So nice that she could come and visit. Looks and sounds like a great time!

Robin said...

How fun to get a visit from an old friend, and I love your entertainment choices - good pubs and live tunes, you don't need much more than that, do you?

hip chick said...

It looks like a fun visit!

Louise said...

Loved this post, Julia :-) And had to laugh at your tipped glasses images! At first I had not read the text and just saw the images. Then after all those pics w/ beer and wine in hand comes those tipped glasses photos and I thought, WOW, they really had a hard night out ;o)

Leora said...

You look like you both had a wonderful time. How nice to enjoy a good friend.

Julia Smith said...

Thomma Lyn - It was SO wonderful, Thomma Lyn. And Dave MacIsaac is the fiddler who came to our house to play along with my gram on piano - a last hurrah for my musical grandma. Such a nice guy!

Ellievellie - Funny to think why anyone needed so much useless glass/plastic for lenses!

Carletta - Whenever I get back to Toronto she's on the top of my list to run to!

Robin - Halifax has music busting out all over. You'd love it.

Hip Chick - I hope it's not too long before we can see each other again. I miss my faraway friends so much.

Louise - If you knew how much mileage we've had from that joke! Glad you had a chuckle, too.

Dianne said...

friends are wonderful all year round but in summer there's even more to drink - uh - do ;)

Daryl said...

What's better than old friends getting together and sharing good times? .. nothing!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

I just love pubs, pub food and live music!! Add an old friend into the mix and you have a PERFECT evening! Cheers with a good old pub beer to you!!!

Nikki said...

Meeting old friends is great and looks like you had a wonderful time! :)

P:S. visit the mumbai photo blog. Too many updates!

Travis said...

Fun with friends is definitely the ticket for a summer day!

Akelamalu said...

Looks and sounds like a fun time was had by all Julia! :)