Sunday, October 25, 2009

Poetry Train Monday - 124 - Release

As someone dealing with chronic pain from an injury, as well as recurring migraine management, my experience with acupuncture this year has been incredibly fascinating, to say the least.

I began treatment in June. I started with two sessions a week, then moved to one, and now I'm at one session every two weeks.

My rapid response to the treatment owes a lot to the personal work I do while receiving needles, Gua Sha, cupping and moving cupping. I meditate, visualize, invite healing, and release pain and negative energy.

I see a traditional Chinese acupuncturist, Vivian Yuan. Can I tell you how grateful I am that she emigrated to Canada from China? I only speak to her about my current condition. We don't go into any sort of talk therapy.

But I used to see a past life regression therapist when I lived in Toronto. And when the opportunity to see Vivian presented itself, I recognized that I was ready to heal a whole slew of past life trauma.

Sure enough, as soon as I began treatment I started receiving strong images while I lay on the table, after Vivian had placed the needles and left the room. I've been doing a lot of intense work on whatever revealed itself to me - and there has been a lot.

This past week I'd had a five-day migraine before I went for my appointment. Vivian treated my back with the needles, then did a combination Gua Sha and cupping which she'd never done before. I've been documenting all the healing patterns that emerge from my sessions with Vivian. In a future Thursday Thirteen, I'll be sharing these with you. I'm still collecting them.

I was amazed and impressed with the pattern that formed this time. A fan shape of four meridians flowed down my neck and shoulders. Since Saturday's session, I've had pain in my lower left rib/lung section, which mirrors a sensation I had in my right lung after a previous treatment. As an asthmatic since I was born, this is a familiar sensation to me, very like recovering from pneumonia.

Now, to many people this would not be a cause for celebration. But I know that my body is letting go of cellular trauma. And my lungs hold a lot of that, both from this life and from what I've experienced in previous lifetimes to this.

For my found poem today, I've got an excerpt from an explanation of cellular memory release by two healing practioners who work at the Sedona HeartWalk Center in Arizona.


Cellular memory stores experience
Not just facts and figures
Experience stored as impressions
Viewed from all senses
Not just the visual

The brain retrieves memory
Shows a picture
A list
A graphic

Cells retrieve a memory
A body sensation

You may be ‘frozen with fear’
You may sense a fragrance
The cellular memory of
Physical trauma
Emotional trauma
Mental trauma

Conditioned response
Observed by Pavlov
Ringing a bell produced
When initially
Paired with food

Happened with only the bell
For association

When trauma is suppressed
Into the cellular memory
Energy is stuck

It takes energy
To hold onto suppressed memories
Conditioned response

Physical trauma
A body response
A sensory response
A muscle memory
A response to an event

Cellular memory release
Shown through body movement

Emotional trauma
Like heartache

Cellular memory release
Shown through talking

Mental trauma
Low self-esteem

Cellular memory release
Shown through verbal processing
Where connections are made
That weren’t visible before

- Phoenix and Leon from the Sedona HeartWalk Center, 2008

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Nikki says Nice poem Julia.

Jill the Acadian says According that I'm studying to go in an alternative treating career, it's nice to see your experience of one...Thanks!

De-abbreviate As You Like says This whole poem was so much enlightening .. it treads on the lines of faith.


Nikki said...

Nice poem Julia.

Jill said...

It's interesting for me to see how you view that, and this poem. According that I'm studying to go in an alternative treating career, it's nice to see your experience of one...Thanks!

PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) said...

This whole poem was so much enlightening .. it treads on the lines of faith ... in your treatment, in the doctor, in yourself ! that only cause the energy relaese :)

Akelamalu said...

It was really interesting to read about your accupuncture and cupping treatment Julia. I'm so pleased it's working for you.

Love the poem.

Linda Jacobs said...

Such an interesting post! Thanks for all the info. I like the way you distributed the words in your poem because it makes me slow down and contemplate them!

gautami tripathy said...

I would call this found poem a scientific discovery. Simply marvellous.

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