Monday, October 5, 2009

Through the Opera Glasses - 31 - Season 3 of Robin Hood at Last

After an agony of waiting, BBC's Robin Hood finally began broadcasting across the pond on BBC America and BBC Canada.

I freely admit I've already watched the entire season 3 on You Tube. When it was first broadcast in the UK in the spring, kindly souls uploaded it for those of us who were frothing at the bit to get a look at Sir Guy.

The season 3 uploads disappeared from You Tube as the North American broadcast neared.

But there's nothing like being able to watch the full episode on TV, as opposed to the tiny version in ten-minute segments on You Tube. However, I am eternally grateful to those angels who allowed me to see it when it first aired. *kiss*

Things have gotten a lot darker in Nottingham since our heroes and villains returned from the Holy Land. Gisborne has a lot of mental sorting out to do after taking Lady Marian's life at the end of season 2.

"Frankly, I sort of despise him for what he did," the actor says. "But it's also interesting when a character can start to take responsibility for his actions and have an opinion of himself, almost as if he is stepping outside his body, and that's really what Gisborne does this season: He steps out of his old shell and starts to become somebody new because of that action." - John Crook, No more Mr. Nice Guy

Robin is understandably out for revenge.

The sheriff puts Much through the mill when Prince John demands more tax money.

Guy is not so easily bullied now that he's looked into his own abyss.

Not so easy being sheriff, is it, Vasey?

Robin's band acquires Friar Tuck and villager Kate.

Little John and Allen a Dale soldier on despite their own sorrows.

What becomes of Guy when his father figure turns his back on him? You'll have to catch the next episode to find out.

Shelley Munro says I haven't seen series 2 yet. I am behind!

VA Bookworm says When BBC America wasn't getting around to showing season 3, I downloaded the episodes off the net :o)


Shelley Munro said...

I haven't seen series 2 yet. I am behind!

VABookworm87 said...

I own 1 & 2 and when BBC America wasn't getting around to showing season 3, I downloaded the episodes off the net :o) I love that show!

Red Garnier said...

OMG, there's a Robin Hood series? What rock have I been under? I must see! Robin looks decadent.


Julia Smith said...

Shelley - Woopsie...kinda included a spoiler...

VA Bookworm - LOL! A woman after my own heart!

Red! - Oh, Red! Where have you been...

Travis said...

Evidently this show doesn't follow the original tale of Robin Hood. If memory serves, my children's classic tale of Robin Hood has Marian with Robin at the end of his life.

Wylie Kinson said...

I have GOT to watch this series. I think I can download it from Apple TV... Hmmm, maybe while the other shows are Christmas hiatus, that'll give me time to play catch up!