Monday, October 26, 2009

Through the Opera Glasses - 34 - October Art Show - Spooky

Just in time for Halloween, I draw your attention to the October show I've featured in my Sidebar Art Gallery.

This collection is called Spooky.

Flying Dutchman illustration - Unknown artist

Notre Dames gargoyle - Victor-Joseph Pyanet

Duel after the Masquerade Ball - Jean Leon Gerome

The Gashlycrumb Tinies - Edward Gorey

The Apotheosis of War - Vasily Vereshchagin

From Paradise Lost - Gustav Dore

Macbeth, The Meeting with the Witches on the Heath - Joseph Kronheim

The Ride of the Valkyries - William T. Maud

Asmorod - Zdzislaw Beksinski

Happy Haunting...

On Nov. 5th I'm taking part in the Blogblast For Peace. Won't you join me?

"Here in this wondrous way we keep
These haunts of ancient peace.
Let us go there again
When we need some relief
Oh, when I can’t find my feet
When I need rest and sleep."

- Van Morrison

Shelley Munro says I like the one of the Valkyries.


Jennifer said...

Ohhhh awesome paintings!
The Gargoyle at Nortre Dame reminded me of "Stone Heart" a YA I read to my boys recently.
LOVE this.

Shelley Munro said...

Some of these paintings are amazing. I like the one of the Valkayries.

Travis said...

Excellent artwork. I hadn't seen most of them before.

And thanks for flying a Peace Globe in your sidebar and for promoting the date!