Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Stock Sunday - 41

Robin's Summer Stock Sunday meme invites all to post summery photos, and to visit other bloggers who share their feelings and memories about this magical season.

This is one of the most iconic photos from my childhood.

My sister and I grew up alongside my two cousins as a group of four, with our two families spending both quantity and quality time together.

Because our two dads were scuba divers, we spent many magical days at Polly Cove, near Peggy's Cove. The men dived, the women set up the day's base camp and enjoyed one another's company - while we kids ran over the rocks, climbed, ran, explored, watched the waves, made return visits to the moms for snacks and juice, and generally made the kinds of memories that loom the largest when I think of the happiest times of my life.

Clockwise from left, back row: my sister Michelle, my cousin Charlie, me, and my cousin Julianne

This is my dad with Polly Cove in the background.

This photo was taken by my uncle, Charles E. Doucet - it's one of my favorites of his art photography pieces.

Taken out where we had so many great times together.


Mama Pajama said...

great share, as always! loved being inside the memory of happy childhood summers - thanks!

Akelamalu said...

Photos of childhood summers are so magical and full of good memories aren't they?

Mimi said...

Lovely memories!
Polly Cove is a beautiful looking place. We have a place here called Rosses Point, and I have fantastic memories of days out there. Can almost still taste the tea we used to drink at that beach!

Arlee Bird said...

The photo almost looks like a painting. Some of my favorite times in childhood were when my cousins would come with my aunt and uncle to visit us in San Diego. Every day seemed like a picnic--actually I believe we did have a picnic every day.

Tossing It Out

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