Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 230 - 13 Reasons to Vote in A Piece of My Mind's Sudden-Death Round Vampire Smackdown

1 - Last week, twelve combatants faced off in an elimination round to see who will be named the Ultimate Vampire by A Piece of My Mind readers.

All fighters are vampires who have inspired me over the years, leading to my own take on the vampire mythos - Saint Sanguinus, which releases next month.

2 - After six frenzied bouts, the results are in:

Dracula vs Viktor (Underworld)

18 votes - 2 votes

Not even close. "Hail to the king baby!" says Tim Brannan


Lestat vs Eric Northman

9 votes - 10 votes

Well-matched. This was a close one.


Jesse Hooker (Near Dark) vs Bill Compton

7 votes - 11 votes

A respectable showing between two former Confederate soldiers.


Spike vs David (The Lost Boys)

14 votes - 5 votes

A clear winner in the battle between the blonds.


Angel vs Barnabas Collins

9 votes - 10 votes

Another close match. Ultimately, classic cult gothic soap opera trumped the spin-off of one of the 50-greatest-TV-shows.


Dean Winchester vs Jerry (Fright Night)

9 votes - 10 votes

The third near-tie match resulted in the Sword of Michael raising the white flag to the vampire who can blow out a flaming cross meant to stop him.


Thanks to all the voters - that was an awesome elimination round.

La-a-adies and gentlemen...

*bell ringing*

In this corner...

3 - Returning to defend his legendary status - Dracula


4 - Eric Northman, known for ripping hearts right out of his foes' chests and sipping the sweet nectar.

Voting now closed.


Round 2

5 - Bill Compton, southern farmer who gained a taste for gentlemanly pursuits over the past century. Now the vampire King of Louisiana, he does what a monarch must do in order to rule.


6 - Barnabas Collins, a gentleman of 18th century New England, who guards his dark nature in order to protect the current descendants of his family.

Voting now closed.


Round 3

7 - Spike, renowned Slayer killer and wielder of scathing sarcasm.


8 - Jerry, unrelenting predator who takes psychopathic delight in his victims' despair.

Voting now closed.


9 - Once the votes are tallied, three victors will remain from this sudden-death match.

10 - All twelve originally-featured combatants are my personal favorite vampire characters from film and television.

If your favorite vampire didn't compete in the Smackdown, who is your personal favorite vampire?

11 - What makes a perfect vampire for you?

The total package - looks, demeanor and moves?
The history of the character? (backstory)
The modern ways in which the vampire adapts to life now?
The manner in which the vampire feeds?

12 - Do you prefer your vampires to behave as predators at the top of the food chain?

Would you prefer that vampires retain their underlying humanity, carrying an emotional burden with them wherever they go?

13 - Join me next week to see who survives to the final round - and who will take home the coveted title of Ultimate Vampire.


Deborah Hale said...

Disappointed that my boy Viktor is out of the running, but Dracula was a very tough competitor.

In this round I go for:

1. Eric Northman
2. Barnabas Collins (my new favorite)
3. Spike

CountryDew said...

I vote for
1. Eric Northman
2. Barnabas Collins
3. Spike

I've loved Barnabas since I was a wee lass.

Jennie Marsland said...

Dracula - the ultimate.

Such luscious baddies!

Amy Ruttan said...

1. Dracula
2. Spike
3. Bill

I am Harriet said...

Bummer to be a vampire these days..

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Xakara said...

A few of these make me sad, but I'll go with what's available.

Eric Northman
Bill Compton

I'm not big on the broody vampire, burdened with humanity, but I prefer those that still have their humanity--even if they interpret it differently through vampire eyes.

Happy T13,

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Travis Cody said...

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been looking forward to this all week.

3-4: It's Dracula again for me.

5-6: Must go with the classic Barnabas.

7-8: I'll say Spike in this match up.

10: My favorite vampires come from the Ann Rice world. I like the mythology she built. I also like the way she writes the stories, as if each vampire stopped by for a chat with her. And, I've always been able to "see" Ms Rice's characters...they stand up off the page for me and I appreciate that.

11: For me, it's all about the mythology. I don't mind if they are scary or wussy, modern or classical. What I want is solid vampire lore. Then you can put them in any setting. I also like them to be spilling and clean up the mess after. I'd have to say that Marius from the world of Lestat is my favorite.

12: I like an underlying weakness in a vampire, so that he or she grows through a story arc. Otherwise, it's just a horror story.

Julia Smith said...

From Facebook

Charlene Lokey writes:

"1. Eric for sure over Dracula. Something about Eric that makes me think he has an edge over the Prince of Darkness!

2. Bill over Barnabas, definitely. Bill's a cool character, but when the shit hits the fins, WATCH OUT!

3. Jerry over Spike, but I have to admit; I can't remember Jerry from Fright Night, and I never watched Buffy; this one's a gut feeling."

Julia Smith said...

From Facebook

Charlene Lokey writes:

"Vampire's gotta have the total package, but the emotional angst; they gotta suffer like the rest of us! And the Drac that's missing? The one from "Salem's Lot" with David Soul. Did you see that movie, Jules? Creepy as HELL... There ya go! :)"

Shawna said...


Julia Smith said...

From Tara in the 5 on Friday comments section:

"Eric, Bill and Spike are my votes"