Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 232 - 13 Ways You Have Voted For The Ultimate Vampire - and Our Champion Is...

1 - As October rolled around, A Piece of My Mind readers took on the challenge of deciding who is The Ultimate Vampire.

2 - Beginning with a formidable roster of vampires - all of whom have inspired me over the years - readers were asked to vote for the outcomes of six no-holds-barred matches in the preliminary round:

Dracula vs Viktor from Underworld

Lestat vs Eric Northman

Jesse Hooker from Near Dark vs Bill Compton

Spike vs David from The Lost Boys

Angel vs Barnabas Collins

Dean Winchester from one episode of Supernatural vs Jerry from Fright Night

3 - The votes flew fast and furious.

The combatants were so well-matched there were three near-ties.

But the winners after the first round were:


Eric Northman

Bill Compton

Barnabas Collins


Jerry from Fright Night

4 - Sudden-death elimination round, Week 2.

Again, A Piece of My Mind readers cast your votes.

Rising victorious from the fray:

Eric Northman

Bill Compton


5 - Week 3

The Title of Ultimate Vampire has now been chosen.

After using his superior political maneuvering - banking on Eric tiring himself out against Spike during the opening of the final three-on-three match, Bill Compton falls to a split-second decision on the part of Eric and Spike to work together, taking the third combatant out of the running.

Final tally:

Bill Compton - 2 votes

6 - Eric Northman and Spike are the last vampires standing.

Bill Compton's strategy did manage to wear down the 1100-year-old Viking, but Spike soon discovers Eric Northman won't be dissuaded when there is something he wants. The older vampire's superior strength will ultimately bring Spike down if the London punker poet doesn't come up with a strategy of his own.

7 - Letting himself appear weakened, Spike uses a barrage of sarcastic salvos to distract Eric. In a moment of clarity, Spike siezes his moment and pits his own concealed strength against the Viking.

Final tally:

Eric Northman - 3 votes

8 - Final tally:

Spike - 7 votes

9 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Spike has been voted The Ultimate Vampire by A Piece of My Mind readers.

10 - Played by American actor James Marsters on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff, Angel, Spike shows that mere age, speed and strength are no match for a wickedly rapier wit. To be The Ultimate Vampire, you have to have it all.

11 - Here's a brief glimpse into why you chose Spike to wear the crown.

12 - I hope you will join me on my virtual book launch day -

11 - 11 - 11

I will be introducing my own Dark Ages vampire into the mix. Would he hold his own against Spike?

13 - You be the judge.


Michael Offutt said...

Interesting. Amazing how most vampires are hot.

Tara MacQueen said...

ooohh Spike! What happens when he loses his fangs due to a military implant and falls in love with the Buffynator? Cheers for Spike now in the video above but who did the hiring of the writers? lol

Sara Hubbard said...

Although I love Spike, I still maintain Eric Northman wears the sexy pants in the vampire family.

Julia Smith said...

This was totally dependent on readers voting. Eric had his ardent supporters - me, included! - but there were more Spike admirers voting in this Smackdown.

I really enjoyed doing this - I plan to hold more smackdowns in the future.

Jennie Marsland said...

I still say Dracula is the only vampire.

Melissa Bradley said...

Spike, Spike, Spike!!! Can't get into the True Blood vamps. Now that Joe Manganiello as the werewolf, hells to the yeah! I guess for me werewolves are always more appealing.

I love, love your book trailer. I am very excited for Saint Sanguinus.

Travis Cody said...

It was an excellent competition and a very interesting result. I'm a little surprised that contemporary vampires beat out the classics.