Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 231 - 13 Ways We're Closer to Finding Out Who is the Ultimate Vampire

1 - Last week, six combatants faced off in an elimination round to see who will be named the Ultimate Vampire by A Piece of My Mind readers.

All fighters are vampires who have inspired me over the years, leading to my own take on the vampire mythos - Saint Sanguinus, which releases next month.

2 - After three vicious sudden-death rounds, the results are in:

Dracula vs Eric Northman

4 votes - 5 votes

Shocking! What an upset. After decimating his previous competitor, Dracula falls to transplanted Viking Eric Northman.


Bill Compton vs Barnabas Collins

6 votes - 3 votes

After surviving a pitched battle last week to win by only one vote, Bill Compton knocks Barnabas Collins out cold to take this round.


Spike vs Jerry (Fright Night)

8 votes - 1 vote

Though he won last week's close round by only one vote, this week Jerry is slam-dunk sucker-punched by transplanted Londoner Spike.


Thanks to all the voters - the sudden-death round brought a few surprises.

This week, our three remaining victors are dropping the gloves.

La-a-adies and gentlemen...

*bell ringing*

In this corner...

3 - Eric Northman

4 - Approximately 1100 years old.

Viking origin

Was turned after being wounded in battle. After his companions were killed by the vampire who would become his maker, Eric showed no fear to the figure whom he took for an angel of Death.

Rose to become sheriff of Area 5, a vampire domain in Louisiana.

5 - Stats:

Age brings power to vampires. He has been undead for over a millennium.

No longer influenced by human morality. Uses incredible speed and boldness to act decisively.

6 - Bill Compton

7 - Only 176 years old.

Southern Confederate States farmer and Civil War veteran before being turned.

Rose to become king of Louisiana. Eric Northman is his sheriff.

8 - Stats:

Still young by vampire standards.

Was turned by a vampire posing as a widow who offered him food and shelter on his way home after the war. When offered sexual temptation by the 'widow', Bill remained true to his wife, whom he mourned once he turned.

Closer to his human existence, suffers through moral dilemmas even when serving his vampire society.

9 - Spike

10 - Approximately 150 years old.

A London society climber and 'bloody awful poet' before he was turned.

Rose to become a Slayer killer.

11 - Stats:

Still young by vampire standards.

Was turned by a female vampire who comforted him after a romantic rejection by an aristocrat.

Replacing his human desire to be a refined gentleman with his vampire punk persona, uses his passionate nature to challenge vampire society.

12 - Voting now closed.

13 - Will it be:

Eric Northman

Bill Compton


Come back next week to find out who will be The Ultimate Vampire.


Travis Cody said...

I'm quite surprised that the bold and new defeated the classic and original.

This last one is an easy vote for me...Spike.

Deborah Hale said...

Too bad about my boy Barnabas.

In the final round I have to go with Eric.

Great smackdown, Julia!

M.J. Fifield said...


Xakara said...

I don't think he stands a chance up against Eric and Spike, but I'm going to vote for Bill. He does "vampire with a conscience", without all the whining. :)

Happy T13,

13 Horror Movie Lessons

Shawna said...

It was tough for me between Eric and Spike, so I went with age. Go Eric! I'd say age before beauty, but he's got 'em both.

Raina said...

I'm surprised to see Dracula lost. A little heart broken, too.

This one is easy for me: Spike!

Julia Smith said...

From Facebook -

Charlene Lokey writes:

"I have to go with Eric. Even though Bill is King of Louisiana (and True Blood still has NOT STARTED on Space), Eric has that Viking blood in him that lives for battle and conquest. Eric, without a doubt!"

CountryDew said...

Spike. No doubt.

Brenda ND said...

I'm voting for Bill because I like him. He sort of reminds me of Barnabas. I wish I would have voted last week--oh well. Happy TT!

Shelley Munro said...

I vote for Spike. He always cracks me up.

Melissa Bradley said...

I gotta go with Spike. He's one of my ultimate favorite vamps. ;)

Pat C. said...

Spike! Spike! Spike! Did I mention Spike?