Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy 6th Blogiversary to A Piece of My Mind

This milestone crept up on me as I date stamped 'Feb. 5th, Feb. 5th' on documents at my day job.

I kept thinking, what's with Feb. 5th?


Six years ago I stepped up to the podium and added my voice to the Blogosphere.

A Piece of My Mind quickly became one of the most joyous parts of my life. Thank you to everyone who stops here for awhile, reads, posts comments and has become a long-distance friend of mine over the years.

Six years ago, I was still dreaming about the sort of column in which I was profiled today:

Romance writers spice it up

I did dream.

I also wrote blog posts, wrote manuscripts, reached out around the world, discovered kindred spirits, spun my Friday tunes, posted photography, shared poetry, made lists and lists and lists of thirteen things, took up challenges, profiled the arts, interviewed authors, shared my journey to publication, hosted guest bloggers, went on blog tours, reviewed books and made A Piece of My Mind a 2nd place winner of Creative Writing Blogs.

*blowing kisses*

My thanks to all of you. Can't wait to see what this year will bring!


Janet said...

Happy Blogiversary, Julia - here's to another 6 years (and as many or more accomplishments you've already fulfilled)!!

Jennifer Leeland said...

Woo Hoo!!! Happy Blogiversary! Here's to six more years!

Akelamalu said...

Happy Blogversary Julia! I started my blog on the 11th Feb 2007 so we have known each other a l..o....n...g time! Here's to another 6 years or more. x

Heather said...

happy blogiversary :) jULIA!!

Susan Kane said...

Huzzah to Blog-a-versary. I think I started my blog in 2010, maybe. It has been a life-changer.

Kate Robbins said...

Happy blag...bloger...anniversary, Julia!!

Travis Cody said...

Happy Bloggiversary!!