Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - 266 - 13 Ways to Say I Love You All Year Long

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are thirteen ways to say 'I love you' after the flowers and heart-shaped chocolates:

1 – Call your honey from work, then say, "I'm going to keep calling you every half hour to say 'I love you.'"

Then make sure you call in a half hour. 

2 – Try new things together. Remember when you first met, and everything was fresh and exciting? Change it up and you'll feel that breath of fresh air. 

3 – Does your partner love Japanese horror flicks? Do you love Russian historical costume dramas? Take turns watching one another's tastes in flicks. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

4 – If you're really keen on doing something but you can feel your sweetheart is really forcing participation, maybe it's best to fly solo. Just enjoy what you love and don't rain on both of your parades.

5 – When you're so cranky you could spit, but you can see your honey's nerves are just as frayed, just back away slowly. Why get into things when the only problem is that you're both too hungry/tired/frustrated/not feeling well?

6 – If backing away is already too late, force yourself to listen. Don't insist that your partner hear your side of it. You may be amazed by what you learn, when you really listen. And most people quickly feel soothed by the feeling of being heard.

7 – Interrupt your sweetie by planting an unexpected big ole kiss. Generally leads to wide grins.

8 – Turn grocery shopping into a date. Dancing to favorite piped-in music while in the pasta aisle recommended.

9 – Use favorite in-jokes liberally. Especially the really old ones. They're usually attached to good times.

10 - Foot and leg rubs. No explanation necessary.

11 – When your honey feels sick or needs pain reliever, if you get the cold remedy or Tylenol, it works better than if he or she has to get it. 50 % more powerful.

12 – Give your sweetheart the last cookie/chocolate/french fry. Then melt a little at the look of pure delight as he or she enjoys it. When your honey then gives you the last cookie/chocolate/french fry, don't protest. Just enjoy.

13  Hold hands. So simple. So intimate.


Jennifer Leeland said...

I do a lot of these. Great suggestions.

Kate Robbins said...

Love this. :)

Deborah Hale said...

I'm going to print these off to keep nearby. Happily Ever After doesn't just happen - you have to care enough to make the effort. Thanks for a great reminder!

Shelley Munro said...

Great advice. Just small things help keep the romance alive.

Joy Renee said...

wish i'd been practicing 5 & 6. maybe i'd not be in the fix i'm in now Our Broken Valentine

Travis Cody said...

Numbers 5 and 6 can be really hard, but both are worth the extra effort.