Friday, April 11, 2014

A to Z Blog Challenge -- 5 on Friday -- Set 218 -- J is For Julianne MacLean

Welcome to Day 10 of this year's A to Z Blog Challenge.

Fridays at A Piece of My Mind are all about music. For today's challenge, I'm matching music to the periods when five historical romance audiobooks are set. Because today...

J is for romance author Julianne MacLean

Spinning Friday tunes since 2010...

For anyone who wants to join in, simply choose five pieces of music and post them for other bloggers to enjoy. Then check out the set posted by the other 5 on Friday blogger -- you can sign in over at Golch Central's Rambling Stuff.


Julianne MacLean is a romance author who began with historical romance and has twenty-seven titles to her credit, some set in the American West, some during the Victorian London seasons, some during the 18th century unrest in Scotland.

Currently, Julianne is releasing a contemporary series known as her Color series -- The Color of Heaven, The Color of Destiny, The Color of Hope and The Color of a Dream.

Not only is Julianne a fellow member of my writers' group, Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada...

....Julianne is my cherished cousin and lifelong friend.

Since I'm all about everything historical, here are five of my favorites from her books which have been made into audiobooks. I've paired the stories with musical pieces which debuted in the same year as each story takes place.

You can hear an audio sample from each book by clicking on the titles below.

1 - Three Scottish Airs from "A Treatise of Good Taste in the Art of Musick" (Auld Bob Morrice, Lady Ann Bothwell's Lament, Sleepy Body) -- Francesco Geminiani -- 1716 -- Captured by the Highlander

~ ~ ~

2 - Adagio for Piano and Strings -- John Field -- 1814 -- Be My Prince

~ ~ ~

3 - Waltz of the Hours from the Coppelia ballet -- Leo Delibes -- 1870 -- In My Wildest Fantasies

~ ~ ~

4 - String Quartet No 5 in F minor, Op 9 -- Antonin Dvorak -- 1873 -- The Mistress Diaries

~ ~ ~

5 - Promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition -- Modest Mussorgsky -- 1874 -- Married By Midnight


Mike Golch said...

Now that was a super cool set indeed! thanks again for joining in on 5 On Friday.

Cecilia said...

I was loathe to put a comment because it stopped the music so I shall go back and listen more. thank you

Naquillity said...

i love your set today. i'm sure they match your cousin's book periods well. may she have continued success. have a great weekend~

Julianne MacLean said...

Wow! I loved all these choices Julia! Thank you so much for pairing up my books with such incredible musical beauty!