Monday, April 7, 2014

A to Z Blog Challenge -- F is for Free Comic Book Day

Welcome to Day 6 of this year's A to Z Blog Challenge.

Do you love those scenes at Stuart's comic shop on The Big Bang Theory?

Have you already seen The Winter Soldier or have plans to see it as soon as possible?

When you have to reach for your flashlight, is it a Pirates of the Caribbean flashlight, or did you get it at Canadian Tire?

If you easily said yes to all three questions, then you already know that --   
F is for Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day takes place on the first Saturday of May, so this year's event rolls around on May 3rd.

It's been running for 12 years now, and my husband and I look forward to it as a highlight of our year. It works exectly as it sounds -- you go to your local comic book store, line up with the other graphic-novel-and-collectible-loving fans and help yourself to free comic books, designed to launch new lines to the public.

Stores often run sale promotions as well, and that's where I got my completely cool Harry Potter quidditch jersey last year.

Here are a few shots of my husband and me enjoying ourselves at several Free Comic Book Days over the years. My aunt and uncle joined us at one stop, as well!

Here in Halifax, we'll make sure to drop in to Giant Robot Comics, Quantum Frontier, Strange Adventures and Monster Comic Lounge.


Naquillity said...

how cool! it looks like lots of fun is had on this day and i'm sure this year will be no different. love how everyone dressed up for the occasion too. have a great week~

S. L. Hennessy said...

Free comic book day!! It's marked on my calendar. More Fables comics for me (that was my F post haha)!!