Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A to Z Blog Challenge -- G is for Glass Sculpture

Welcome to Day 7 of this year's A to Z Blog Challenge.

Many of us have a wish list, a hopes-and-dreams list which these days has become known as a Bucket List.

As in --

Things I Want to Do Before I Kick the Bucket

My mom had "see Dale Chihuly's work" on her list, so last year she and I took an art-emergency trip to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. For us --  

G is for Glass Sculpture

Since Dale Chihuly is a West Coast artist based in the US, discovering that his pieces were on exhibit much closer to our East Coast home here in Canada made our weekend jaunt to Montreal last September a no-brainer.

We were so excited when our cab driver rounded the corner to reveal The Sun installed in front of the museum, he laughed because it was like seeing a rock star for us.

Here are a few highlights from that magical exhibit we were so thrilled to see with our own eyes.


kathrynoh said...

Wow, they are amazing!

Naquillity said...

so many beautiful pieces. i can see why you were excited to go to the museum. hope all is well. have a great day~