Saturday, August 2, 2008

Great Way to Launch a Long Weekend

It's another long weekend here in Canada - that ever-popular Civic Holiday, which means whatever holiday is native to your particular area is celebrated on this first weekend of August. Here in Halifax it's Natal Day, when we celebrate the founding of Halifax. When I lived in Toronto, it was Simcoe Days, named after the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada.

Basically, I'm just grateful for the time off. I missed a day at work this week because of my migraine, and my husband is waiting for a third set of antibiotics to tackle his abscessed teeth before they can be removed next week. He was toughing it out in hopes of me being hired so I'd have benefits to pay for the dental work.

And now we've got the coverage! Woo! Yeah, baby! And Brad is on Tylenol 3's and sipping my mom's homemade broth through a straw. Just a few more days to go and those teeth will be history.

So it was nice to have two special events to kick off this long weekend. First, my mom met up with me and two of my friends from work who purchased prints of Mom's original artwork. We had lunch together, and then the joy began.

This is Tracy with her print of Ships at Sail.

This is Judy with her print of Stare of the Dragon.

This is Judy, the artist herself - my mom, Paulette - and Tracy before we had to head back to work.

After work, I took the bus over to my friend Dawn's parents' place where I joined her family and my other friend Shelley for a delectable dinner. This is Dawn and her mom, happy for a summer visit, since Dawn now lives in Seattle.

This is Dawn, myself and Shelley. Shelley and I went through elementary school through junior high and high school together. She lived one street over from me. We met Dawn in high school, when we were all in the Prince Andrew Chorus together.

When I got to Dawn's parents' place, there were Dawn's siblings' spouses, a brother, five little cousins and a college roommate filling the condo with a warm welcome, lively conversation, delicious yummy food and an evening that packed so much into just a few hours.

Here's Dawn with her adorable niece. Another niece offered us imaginary cookies from a container and made sure no one got left out.

So glad to get together with everyone! But I must crawl into bed. I'm plum tuckered out.


Heather D said...

Ships at Sail and Stare of the Dragon, Creative names inspired by creative works of Art. Your mom is Fabulous.

Happy long weekend, I get to work it.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I hope you get paid extra, at least, Heather. And at least it's raining!

Anonymous said...

Gosh what a wonderful day! I'm delighted that you are enjoying your time off - well deserved!

Sandee said...

I can understand you being plumb tuckered out. I'm tired just reading this post. Looks like a very fun time. Good luck on hubby's teeth this week. He'll feel so much better after he heals up. :)