Friday, August 7, 2009

2009 Blog Improvement Project - 14 - Highlighting Best Blog Content Through Sneeze Pages

For Week 14 of the Blog Improvement Project, Kim steers us toward creating a Sneeze Page:

"Create a Sneeze Page: This was Day 18 in the Build a Better Blog Challenge at ProBlogger. Basically, it suggests making pages with posts that will help drive people deeper into your blog. He also suggests not just making the page a list of links — give people context for why the link is interesting and useful for them.

8 Post Types to Expand and Highlight Your Blog’s Content: This post shows a lot of different kinds of posts that can highlight different parts of your blog. Only a couple apply to this task, but other ones might make great post ideas if you’re stumped.

Feel free to do this in any way you want. Write a new post highlighting past posts then put a link to that post in your sidebar, add highlighted posts to your About Me page, add a section to your sidebar with highlighted posts, or do something else I haven’t thought of."
- Kim

I've already created Archives blogs that hold featured content from A Piece of My Mind, and are linked over in my sidebar.

If you've never visited my archives, here's what's on the shelves:

For book reviews, browse through my My Book Reviews.

For paintings, illustration and sculpture, stroll through My Cyber Gallery.

In addition to the Cyber Gallery, I have my Sidebar Gallery which features nine pieces every month. A new show goes up at the beginning of each month, and the show for August is Roses. An added feature of the Sidebar Gallery is a link to biographical information on each artist, which is accessible by clicking on the piece of art.

For samples of my fiction writing, flip through My Fiction Excerpt Archives.

For original poetry, wander over to My Poetry Archives.

For a collection of my arts industry posts, settle in at Through the Opera Glasses Archives.

For a taste of something different, try out my collected posts from my group blog at My Popculturedivas Archives.

And a little more variety at the earlier incarnation of the same group blog - My Missmakeamovie Archives.

Travis says I did this with some original fiction I posted on my blog.

Kim says I like how you explained what each one was.


Travis said...

I did this with some original fiction I posted on my blog. They aren't on a separate blog, but I put links to the posts in my sidebar.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I like this page a lot - I have archives by category in my sidebar, but I don't think it's very useful. I like how you explained what each one was.