Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poetry Train Monday - 116 - She Had to Consider

On Saturday I had the pinch-me-am-I-dreaming pleasure of having lunch with historical romance author Jo Beverley.

She's none other than my favorite romance writer. I'm fan-girl when it comes to Jo Beverley.

For today's found poetry, I've taken a scene from Dark Champion, a medieval historical and the first Jo Beverley book I ever read, and turned it into a poem.

She Had to Consider

Arresting green eyes
Flicked over her
Seemed to see her soul

Not liking what they found there

Bastard FitzRoger sat on a keg
One knee raised to
Support his arm

"State your case."

Imogen's voice froze
Seneschal nervously filled gap
"We were thrown off our property, lord.

By Lord Warbrick."

Why quail because
Bastard FitzRoger proved to be
A hard man? She was looking for a champion

Not a troubadour

"Carrisford land?"
"Aye, lord."

Imogen watched in fascination

FitzRoger turned a heavy gold ring on his hand

"The castle - how many entrances?
How is the main gate protected?
How many men garrison the place?"

Suddenly his questions, the bustle around them

Her heart gave a little leap
"You are going to attack Carrisford."
He stood smoothly and came to her

Hooked a thumb in his belt

"That is my intention, woman."
She stood as straight as she could
"I am Imogen of Carrisford."

"Come with me."

He strode toward the keep
Imogen could not force her swollen feet
To move quickly.

He turned back

Sharp displeasure on his face
Then he looked at her feet
He swung her into his arms

She gasped in surprise

"You stink," he commented
"There are also fleas," she added
He mounted the wooden steps

Looked her over with a frown

He climbed the steep stairs quickly
She was not particularly dainty
She had sought out this man

She should be pleased at his strength

It made her nervous
She had to consider
A protector's strength being used

Against her

FitzRoger carried her through the arched doorway
She doubted she could trust any man
He negotiated a narrow tower staircase

Lord FitzRoger had heard of her plight

Had already been on his way
To champion her distress
He stopped at the upper floor of the keep

Lowered her to sit

"Tomorrow we ride," he said
Brave words did not make brave hearts
Alone, she sagged to the floor

How could she be sure?

Would he turn control of the castle to her?
Would he drain the place of supplies?
The king would see to her affairs

FitzRoger high in the king's favor

She was helpless as a babe
In the keep of an ally
Imogen caught her breath

Why was she so afraid?

- Jo Beverley, 1993

Knight graphic - Crusader - artist Skyewolf

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Stan Ski says Great way to capture the essence of the story.

Gautami Tripathy says You had me breathless reading it!

Jane Doe says I was hooked from first line to last.


Stan Ski said...

Great way to capture the essence of the story.

gautami tripathy said...

You had me breathless reading it!

knife's edge

Jane Doe said...

Wonderful! I was hooked from first line to last.