Sunday, August 23, 2009

Poetry Train Monday - 115 - Private Space

For my found poem today, I've taken part of a scene from Jennifer Leeland's BDSM story The Mask She Wears and turned it into a poem.

The Mask She Wears is one of a trilogy of short 50-page stories I won from Jennifer over at her blog, The Redneck Romance Writer. Her trilogy is known as the In David's House collection, as all three stories revolve around a private invitation-only BDSM club run by David, a wise and protective dom.

I'll be doing a book review for the trilogy in a few weeks. Until then, enjoy this poem taken from her prose text:

Private Space

Anticipation sizzled
He approached her tiny apartment
No idea what he would find


He approached

She flung the door open
Waiting for him
Strung tight

Flung open


Her eyes flickered
Face to floor and back again
He took his time

Her eyes

Took his time

Observed her space
Allowed into her private life
Who she was without the mask

Private space


No family pictures
Artwork on every wall
Dark themes with abstract tones

No pictures

No family

One of the oil paintings
Half man, half wolf
Mask superimposed over wolf face

One painting


Benign human mask
Covered the animal snarl



Apartment neat
No flowers
No doilies



Bookcases filled
Filled with books
Lifestyle to dark fantasy



- Jennifer Leeland

Firefox mask by Merimask

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Jennifer Leeland says Wow!!! That captures that scene so well for Justin.

Michelle Johnson says Nice found poem for Poetry Train.

Stan Ski says Nothing is ever how it first appears.


Jennifer Leeland said...

Wow!!! That captures that scene so well for Justin.
Excellent job!!!

Julia Smith said...

Thanks, Jen!

Michelle Johnson said...

Nice found poem for Poetry Train today. Have a great day.

Stan Ski said...

Nothing is ever how it first appears.

Jeeves said...

Nice one. Enjoyed this one.

gautami tripathy said...

Liked how you did it.

you have passed your absurdity to me